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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
William Walker Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4668 Management 310N Melcher Hall
John Walsh Director Graduate Real Estate Program 713-743-3482 Graduate & Professional Programs 302A UCBB
Lin Wang PhD Student 713-743-4855 Accountancy & Taxation 390N
Jeremy Warren Department Business Administrator 832-842-6127 Rockwell Career Center Cemo Hall, Rm 235
Lori Watley Customer Service Supervisor 713-743-4601 Dean's Office 340D Melcher Hall
Victor Wayhan Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4707 Decision & Information Sciences 275E
James (Randy) Webb Executive Professor 713-743-1661 Marketing & Entrepreneurship 375A
Cathy Weber Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-0975 Accountancy & Taxation 360J MH
Naomi Werner Lecturer 713-743-4679 Management 315M
Steve Werner Professor 713-743-4672 Management 315G
Kathryn Wheatley Leadership Program Manager 832-842-6133 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 512M UCBB
James Wilkinson Lecturer 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
John Williams Lecturer 713-743-4664 Management 402J UCBB
Joyce Williams Program Director 713-743-3908 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs 262F Melcher Hall
Wayne Winston Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4725 Decision & Information Sciences 280H
Alan Witt Professor 713-743-3253 Management 127 Heyne Bldg.
Tiffany Woods Senior Undergraduate Accounting Advisor 713-743-5004 Accountancy & Taxation 304E UCBB
Patsy Woods Program Manager, Institute for Regional Forecasting 713-743-3869 Dean's Office 302L UCBB
Greg Wright - Entrepreneur in Residence 713-743-4752 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 536
Guojun Wu Professor 713-743-4813 Finance 220F
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GEMI Symposium

Reliability and Security Across the Energy Value Chain

March 11


C. Gregory Harper
C. Gregory Harper

President, Gas Pipelines and Processing, Enbridge


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