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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Jennifer Waldner Lecturer 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385
William Walker Professor of Practice 713-743-4668 Management & Leadership MH 315N
Latricia Wallace Program Manager 713-743-6151 Decision & Information Sciences MH 270A
Meredith Walley Program Coordinator 2 713-743-6880 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 250
Annika Wang Assistant Professor 713-743-2320 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390K
Ella (Xue) Wang PhD Student 713-743-4855 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390N
Kitty Wang Assistant Professor 713-743-5952 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385B
Amanda Ware Career Development Specialist 832-842-6134 Rockwell Career Center CEMO 223
Jeremy Warren Recruitment Manager 832-842-6127 Rockwell Career Center CEMO 235
Michelle Watkins PhD Student 713-743-4855 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390N
Victor Wayhan Senior Professor of Practice 713-743-4707 Decision & Information Sciences MH 275E
James (Randy) Webb Senior Professor of Practice - Executive Director, Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute 713-743-1661 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375A
Cathy Weber Instructional Assistant Professor 713-743-0975 Accountancy & Taxation MH 360G
Steve Werner Professor - Department Chairperson 713-743-4672 Management & Leadership MH 315G
Curtis L Wesley Assistant Professor 713.743.0734 Management & Leadership MH 325F
Stephen Wilbur Lecturer 713-320-1870 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Joyce Williams Program Director 713-743-3908 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 262G
John Williams Adjunct Faculty 713-743-4664 Management & Leadership CBB 402J
Jerry Winograd Lecturer 713-743-4755 Finance MH 220
Phillip Wiseman PhD Student 713-743-4577 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375L
Anna Wiszowata Reservations Coordinator 713-743-6706 Dean's Office MH 340D
Alan Witt Professor 713-743-3253 Management & Leadership 126 Heyne Bldg
James Wood Lecturer 281-782-8219 Finance MH 220
Tiffany Woods PPA Advisor 713-743-5004 Accountancy & Taxation CBB 304H
Patsy Woods Program Manager, Institute for Regional Forecasting 713-743-3869 Dean's Office CBB 302L
Zach Wortzel Career Development Specialist 832-842-7143 Rockwell Career Center CEMO 227
Jingjing Wu 713-743-4580 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375M
Guojun Wu Professor 713-743-4813 Finance MH 220F
Amanda Wysinger Marketing Academic Advisor 713-743-4907 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 223H