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Today, more and more information is needed to manage organizations, large and small. From the entrepreneur to the large multinational corporation, managers are looking for the right information in the right format provided at just the right time to make decisions.

The Department of Decision and Information Sciences in the Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston offers two areas of concentration to support just this type of decision making: Management Information Systems, and Supply Chain Management.

How We Rank

Bauer College's undergraduate program in supply chain management (SCM) ranked 17th in the nation (Top 25 North American Supply Chain Undergraduate Programs, 2018). Bauer College's graduate programs in supply chain management (SCM) ranked 23rd in the nation (Top 25 North American Supply Chain Graduate Programs, 2018).

The MIS program at the Bauer College of Business was ranked number 3 world-wide in 2007-2009. This ranking is based on the scholarly research published by the Bauer MIS faculty in the top 6 MIS academic journals. To see the ranking method and details, click here.

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