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In addition to university scholarships, UH Bauer College has its own Scholarship Program. Scholarships are awarded to students in every major in business, and are usually awarded on merit, financial need, GPA, student involvement, and student leadership. Scholarships go to all kinds of students, but you only need to complete one application to be considered for every UH Bauer scholarship for which you qualify!  Awards range from $250 to $5,000.

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Who Is Eligible?

All UH Bauer College students (including new, incoming students) are encouraged to apply.

To be eligible for UH Bauer College scholarships, students must be admitted to the University of Houston (Main Campus) and the UH Bauer College of Business. New, incoming students can apply for scholarships before they are officially admitted, but will not be awarded unless all criteria are met. Please note that students who are admitted to the University of Houston but are not admitted to the UH Bauer College of Business are not eligible for the UH Bauer College scholarships.

The Selection Process

The UH Bauer College Scholarship Committee selects scholarship recipients through a competitive process and on a rolling basis, throughout the academic year. Many of the scholarships have specific requirements in addition to merit and/or financial need, such as major or field of interest, community involvement, career goals, leadership skills, or membership in UH Bauer College student organizations. The specific criteria for each scholarship are established by the donor and the College.

Most UH Bauer scholarships are awarded over the summer for the upcoming academic year, but the Committee continues to award scholarships throughout the year as long as there are funds available or if new scholarships are established.

APPLICATION CHANGES: If you have already completed the application form for this year, you can make changes that could open up more scholarship opportunities (such as classification, major, student organization membership, and employment information) by emailing scholar@bauer.uh.edu.

All scholarship recipients have one thing in common:
They all took the time to apply. Shouldn’t you?

Apply at www.bauer.uh.edu/invest/scholarships


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