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Bauer Research Examines Humor
Expression in Leaders

Consider the traits people aim to project on a résumé or in a job interview: Competence. Experience. Drive. Assistant Professor Tony Kong's research suggests another: Tells great jokes.

Faculty Senate

Faculty from the C. T. Bauer College of Business serve as members of the University of Houston faculty senate, providing guidance and a common vision for faculty and administration. Bauer faculty provide insight from the classroom to the overall goals of the senate in order to improve campus initiatives.

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Faculty Achievements

Dejun Tony Kong, an assistant professor in Department of Management, recently published a paper in Organizational Behavior and Human Decision Processes that focuses on the organizational benefits of personalizing work arrangements and compensation to make employees feel valued and competent and thus, go the extra mile on the job. Read more

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Editorial Positions and Board Appointments

Professor Saleha Khumawala serves on the board for several premiere business journals, including Research in Governmental and Nonprofit Accounting, Issues in Accounting Education and Journal of Public Budgeting, Accountability and Financial Management.

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Latest Faculty Research as Featured in Inside Bauer Magazine

Letting Salespeople Pick Incentives Improves Performance

Raghuram Bommaraju

Raghuram Bommaraju, marketing and entrepreneurship doctoral student
Conference: AMA Winter Educators Conference
Insights: Fortune 500 businesses that allowed salespeople to choose their own incentives from a small menu of options saw substantially better sales, compared to those that used traditional quota systems, according to one of the most comprehensive investigations of sales force incentivizing undertaken. Read more

Embracing the Unexpected when Scheduling Elective Surgery

Raghuram Bommaraju

Nickolas Freeman, decision and information sciences assistant professor
Publication: Manufacturing & Service Operations Management
Insights: Freeman’s paper, “A Scenario-Based Approach for Operating Theater Scheduling under Uncertainty,” explores a novel, cost-effective option for hospital scheduling of elective surgery. His proposed scheduling model takes into account the unpredictability typical of emergency rooms. Read more

Predicting when Radical Expectations Will Fall Short

Chet Miller

Chet Miller, management professor
Publication: Harvard Business Review
Insights: Companies sometimes set “stretch goals,” or wildly ambitious benchmarks—but such goals are likely to succeed only in certain situations, according to the authors. Knowing when to shoot for the moon and when to set more realistic goals is best based on known variables, such as whether the company’s been winning or losing; availability of resources and other factors. Read more

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