Room Reservation Procedures

Effective May 10, 2024, Dean's conference rooms, training center, and auxiliary classroom will only be available for Bauer Staff and Faculty. For a list of referenced rooms, please see Featured available rooms below.

  • Request a Reservation

    1. To request a reservation please use the Bauer Room Reservation System.
    2. Requests will be reviewed and assigned based on availability and compliance to University and College policies and regulations.
    3. A reply e-mail will be sent to you upon review to inform you if your request has been approved. If approved, you will be provided all necessary details with regards to using the space.
    4. Please read the Bauer Facilities Reservation and Use Policies

    A note about the room doors: Doors will not be programmed to open for your event. Please use your cougar card to enter the rooms by swiping or tapping your card against the card reader.

  • Featured available rooms for Bauer staff and faculty

  • Cemo Hall

    To reserve spaces on the first floor of Cemo Hall: 106 and Interview Overflow rooms, please contact the Rockwell Career Center at 832-842-6120 or

  • Event Set-Up Procedures

    Setup requests for CBB 328/330 should be submitted to FIXIT at least 2 weeks in advance of your event. Small events up to 10 rectangular tables and 20 chairs can be requested by staff/faculty via Bauer Helpdesk with request type "General Assistance." Assistance or questions regarding room set-up should be directed to

    1. Bauer staff members can request additional tables and chairs for their events through the Bauer Helpdesk. Tables and chairs will be provided based on availability.
    2. If the college is unable to accommodate the number of tables and chairs needed for your request, additional equipment can be rented from UH FIX-IT using a cost center. Bauer reserving parties are responsible for submitting their own FIX-IT requests.
    3. For Non-General Purpose Classrooms, IT and audio-visual support may be requested through the Bauer HelpDesk or call 713-743-4871.


  • Event Clean-Up Procedures

    1. After each event, meeting or gathering, please turn off all technology and place furniture back to its original configuration or in an organized fashion.
    2. Leaving the facility in an unclean condition or damaging facilities and/or equipment may result in additional charges to the group for cleanup and/or recovery of losses.
    3. NO ITEMS ARE PERMITTED TO BE TAPED TO THE WALLS. Any damages sustained from such violations will be subject to additional charges. (Items may be taped to the whiteboards or windows, but the tape must be completely removed after the event)
    Saturday Event Clean-Up

    If your event will require special cleanup during normal business hours or outside of normal business hours (vacuuming, trash removal, etc.) you MUST submit a request to FIX-IT with central plant operations for the service 2 weeks in advance using a cost-center. Special fees will apply.

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