Undergraduate Business Programs


The Office of Undergraduate Business Programs (UBP) is aimed at giving students the most up to date and relevant information to help students succeed at the UH Bauer College of Business.

The goals of the undergraduate program are to provide graduates with...

  1. The skills to identify legal and ethical issues in business as well as a framework for resolving them
  2. Disciplinary competence
  3. The ability to communicate effectively in a business environment utilizing proper structure, language, and grammar
  4. The aptitude to think critically and apply problem-solving models to a given business situation

The BBA is exclusively a day-time program for students seeking their first undergraduate degree. If you are interested in obtaining a 2nd degree, please visit post-bac options or graduate level work. Please note that current UH Bauer College guidelines do not permit 2nd undergraduate degrees.

UBP advising offers many services for students. We can help students choose appropriate courses, develop timelines for graduation, organize fun events, offer academic guidance, process institutional paperwork, and help students succeed at Bauer. Please come visit us, we are located in Melcher Hall 262 next to the Starbucks.