Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program Overview

The Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program (TBLCP) accepts between 80-100 students each fall. The program helps students by providing a practical knowledge of professionalism and tools for effective decision-making and communication. Students in the program can expect to learn more about their strengths and how to leverage their personal leadership talents to be effective and influential.

The program is based on well known programs such as StrengthsQuest by Gallup and the Leadership Challenge, a widely recognized leadership model based on qualitative research with middle and senior managers. This model is outlined in the book Leadership Challenge by James M. Kouzes and Barry Z. Posner.

TBLCP Application Information

Applications for the 2020-2021 cohort of students will open in August before school starts. Please check back in late July for more information.

Topics Covered in TBLCP:



Who We Are

Monday - Model Cohort

Monday - Model Cohort

Tuesday - Inspire Cohort

Tuesday - Inspire Cohort

Thursday - Challenge Cohort

Thursday - Challenge Cohort

Friday - Encourage Cohort

Friday - Encourage Cohort



Peer Advisors

Asawri Srivastav

Peer Advisor, Monday Model Cohort

Asawri is the Peer Advisor for the Model Cohort. She is currently majoring in Supply Chain Management with a certificate in Analytics and Sourcing. She will graduate with her BBA in May of 2020. This past summer, she was a Procurement Intern at Daikin North America. During the school year, she is an Instructor at Eye Level Tutoring. In addition to TBLCP, Asawri is a member of the Phi Kappa Phi Honor Society and the Sourcing and Procurement Organization (SPO). She is also an officer for Pratham-UH. When she isn’t busy with school, Asawri enjoys hammocking, traveling, shopping, swimming, and watching The Office. She says her favorite part about TBLCP is “getting the chance to work on my strengths!”



Ashley Vasquez

Peer Advisor, Tuesday Inspire Cohort

Ashley is the Peer Advisor for the Inspire Cohort. She is double majoring in Accounting and Finance and is also completing the PPA program at Bauer. She will graduate with her BBA in Summer of 2020. This past summer, Ashley worked as a sales intern with Mass Mutual Texas Gulf Coast. In addition to serving as a TBLCP Peer Advisor, Ashley is involved in the Finance Association as a general member. In her spare time, she enjoys reading books, listening to podcasts, and discovering new restaurants in the city of Houston. Her favorite part about TBLCP is getting the chance to develop new friendships and discover new qualities about yourself. She says “TBLCP allows you to take a break from academic classes and fully focus on self-development.”



Sophia Priske

Peer Advisor, Thursday Challenge Cohort

Sophia is the Peer Advisor for the Challenge Cohort. She is majoring in Supply Chain Management and will graduate in Spring of 2020. This past summer she worked as an Area Manager Intern at Amazon in Edwardsville, Illinois. In addition to her involvement with TBLCP, Sophia has been involved with the Sourcing and Procurement Organization (SPO) and was the Communications Officer in spring of 2019. In her spare time, she loves traveling, reading, being a foodie, and fitness. When asked about what she loves about TBLCP, she said “I love the transformation that occurs throughout the program. You will learn valuable life lessons, how to be successful in business, and the strengths that make you a leader.”



Nguyen Le

Peer Advisor, Friday Encourage Cohort

Nguyen is the Peer Advisor for the Encourage Cohort. Nguyen is a MIS Major and will graduate in December of 2020 with his BBA. This past summer, he worked with Stewart Title as an IT Security Analyst Intern and will continue to work with them during the fall 2019 semester. In addition to being involved with TBLCP, Nguyen is a member of the Management Information Systems Student Organization (MISSO) and is the Management Officer for the International Student Organization. In his spare time, Nguyen enjoys reading, DIY projects like woodworking or decorations, and bowling. Nguyen says what he loves most about TBLCP is that “TBLCP creates a community of individuals who not only learn how to better themselves but also their peers.