Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program Overview

The Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program (TBLCP) accepts 125 students each fall for a year-long program in leadership development. The program helps students by teaching them about teamwork, professionalism, and most importantly self-awareness. Students in the program can expect to learn more about themselves through weekly workshops, teambuilding exercises, leadership assessments, and ongoing discussions with their peers.

Components of TBLCP:

TBLCP Application Information

The TBLCP application has already closed for the 2020-2021 academic year and we have selected our newest groups of students. Applications for the 2021-2022 students will not be made available until Summer 2021.





Peer Advisors

Kariethna Urquieta

Peer Advisor, Senior BBA in Accounting

Kariethna is the Peer Advisor for the Wednesday “Enable” Cohort. Kari hopes to one day become a corporate lawyer specializing in mergers and acquisitions, in order to bring mutually beneficial deals to private companies being merged into larger publicly traded companies. Her goal for TBLCP is to create community beyond the boundaries that the virtual environment brings. She believes that by creating an environment or free space for people to share their own goals and aspirations, she will be able to “create a sense of comradery towards growth and get people working on becoming better leaders for themselves and for others.”



Rama Naofal

Peer Advisor, Junior BBA in Supply Chain Management

Rama is the Peer Advisor for the Monday “Model” Cohort. Rama shared that TBLCP has helped her develop both personally and professionally. She notes, “I was lucky enough to be part of the program my first year at Bauer and now I get to give back by being a Peer Advisor.” Being around so many wonderful and motivating people has inspired her to push past her comfort zone and grow tremendously! She says that TBLCP has taught her leadership skills that will help her succeed in anything she does. “Never be afraid to take chances because you never know where they might take you!”



Faryal Mahmood

Peer Advisor, Senior BBA in Management Information Systems

Faryal Mahmood is a senior majoring in Management Information Systems. Faryal says “I chose MIS because I knew I wanted to work with technology, but loved that being a part of Bauer would help me gain exposure to so many different fields within business.” After graduating this spring, she would like to work in front end development or UX design in the software or fashion industry. Faryal notes that being a part of TBLCP last year helped her tremendously in preparing to enter the workforce and get a better understanding of herself and her skills. She is excited to help the TBLCP members this year stay engaged in leadership activities while being virtual and see them grow as leaders and team members!



Shiv Patel

Peer Advisor, Junior BBA Finance

Shiv Patel is a Junior currently working towards his BBA in Finance. He says “TBLCP was a great experience for me. It taught me to self-reflect more and view leadership from a different perspective.” Shiv’s goal for TBLCP is to help his cohort in any way he can. One thing he wants to emphasize is communication through this virtual environment. When speaking about his TBLCP experience he notes, “last year, the activities at the tables in groups gave me a great opportunity to get to know my peers. Through this virtual environment, I want to help create the same open space for people to get to know each other.” Shiv also wants to help the current participants get the most out of the program as his peer advisors did for him. He notes that his peer advisors were a big part of the positive experience he had in the program and he wants to do the same. Going forward in his career, Shiv plans to become an hotelier. He notes that “being an entrepreneur is something I have wanted to do my whole life and the hospitality industry really interests me.”



Rodrigo Alvarado

Peer Advisor, Senior BBA in Management Information Systems

Rodrigo is a Senior currently working towards his BBA in Management Information Systems. He says “being a Peer Advisor this year is fulfilling in a sense of being able to help this amazing program expand and push forward as well as helping guide those lucky enough to take part in it.” Rodrigo recently completed an internship with Amazon as an Operations Intern intends to use that experience to search for a job as a Business Analyst, helping companies use technology and data to solve business problems in this modern era. With everything going on, this year has taken a lot of adjusting and pivoting, and Rodrigo sees it as a perfect opportunity to adapt and find creative ways to maneuver through any obstacles. He notes “I look forward to learning and growing with the Ted Bauer Leadership Certification Program this year and all the memories waiting to be made!”



Celene Warren

Graduate Assistant for Leadership Initiatives

Celene is our newest Instructional Assistant and is finishing up her M.Ed. in the College of Education. Celene is originally from Baltimore Maryland and got her undergraduate degree in Business Administration at Guilford College in Greensboro North Carolina. Celene decided to get a Masters in Higher Education after realizing how much student affairs affected the student experience. Being a student leader, she saw the impact good leadership and high involvement had on retention and overall student experience. Celene wants to help the students in TBLCP understand their strengths so they can become great leaders.