Bauer StrengthsQuest Series Upcoming Events

Bauer StrengthsQuest Series – Summer Edition

Monday, July 13 at 5:30 p.m. via Zoom

This special summer edition of Bauer StrengthsQuest Series will focus on how to use your Strengths to prepare for interviews, job searching, and effective recruiting – especially during these stressful economic and personal times! Join us for a great opportunity to boost your resume and develop yourself while you spend time at home! We will have giveaways and prizes!

We will open registration in this event in the coming weeks. Please check back in mid-May for the registration link!


Bauer StrengthsQuest Series Introduction – Fall Edition

Thursday, September 24 at 5 p.m. in CBB 328

This will be our signature introductory workshop for students who have never taken StrengthsQuest before or students who have and want to talk about it again! We will share registration information once we know if this event can take place on campus. If it has to be virtual, we will provide information regarding how to join us via Zoom. We will have PRIZES!

We will open registration for this event in mid-August. Please check back then for the registration link.

"Do you have the opportunity to do what you do best every day?" Chances are, you do not. All too often, our natural talents go untapped. Full human potential is realized only when people are in a position to use their greatest talents. The Bauer StrengthsQuest Series will help you to discover your natural talents, teach you how to develop your talents into strengths and help you begin to understand how to apply your strengths during your experiences on campus and in the workplace. During the series, we will have meaningful discussions and interactive activities that will help you develop strengths by building on your greatest talents.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do I have to be a Bauer student to participate in the series?
The series is open to current undergraduate students majoring/minoring in Business. Additionally, students do not have to meet a certain GPA requirement in order to participate.

2. May I participate in the Bauer StrengthsQuest Series if I completed the Ted Bauer Leadership Certificate Program (TBLCP) or the Bauer Officer Leadership Development (BOLD) Series?
Most of the content shared in the StrengthsQuest introductory workshop is covered in the TBLCP workshops and BOLD Series. Therefore, TBLCP and BOLD participants are not encouraged to participate in the introductory workshop but you are encouraged to participate in StrengthsQuest 2.0: Strengths and Teams workshop.

3. Does it cost money to participate in the series?
The series is free of charge to all students. Each student will be provided with a FREE access code that will allow you to take the assessment.

4. Are there any other dates and times for me to participate in this series?
Currently, these are the only dates and times that we will be offering the series. Additional dates and times may be added in the spring 2020 semester.

5. Who may I contact if I have additional questions?
You may contact Allison Keithly at or Tierra Walters at for additional information.

If you have questions about the in-person or virtual StrengthsQuest Series events, please contact Allison Keithly or Tierra Walters and they would be happy to help you in any way.