Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate

(formerly known as American Humanics)

The mission of Non-profit Leadership Alliance is to prepare and certify future nonprofit professionals. The Non-profit Leadership Alliance Certificate Program at the University of Houston Graduate School of Social Work, was founded in May 1993. The University of Houston's Non-profit Leadership Alliance Program is a national model for urban university programs across the country and is Houston's only undergraduate and post-baccalaureate provider of certification in nonprofit management.
Every year, thousands of jobs are available nationally as well as locally through affiliated organizations such as American Red Cross, America's Second Harvest, The Arc, Big Brothers Big Sisters and many more. As a successful AH participant, you will be qualified for positions in volunteer management, program planning, public relations, fund development, and others.

Academic Requirements

  1. Child & Adult Development (choose 1)
    • PSYC 1300 - Introduction to Psychology
    • SOC 1300 - Introduction to Sociology
    • Meets social science requirement, required for major
  2. Historical & Philosophical Foundations
    • SOC 3318 - Intro to Social Work & Social Services
    • Offered in Fall and Spring
  3. General Nonprofit Management
    • SOCW 3354 Nonprofit Management
    • Petition to count as an Upper Business Elective
    • Offered in Fall only
  4. Marketing
    • MARK3336 Elements of Marketing Administration
  5. Choose One of the following:
    • SOCW3330 Nonprofit Financial Management
    • Petition to count as an Upper Business Elective
    • Offered in Spring only
    • OR
    • ACCT4377 Government & Non-Profit Accounting
    • (For ACCT majors only – Contact your ACCT advisor for registration assistance)


Principles of Fundraising and Grant Writing- 8 four-hour workshops (32 contact hours)

  • Offered in spring semester only, on Fridays 1-5pm

Co-Curricular Requirements

  • Active participation in the American Humanics Student Association
    • Minimum 10 hours per semester; association and/or committee meeting attendance
  • Organize and participate in at least 3 agency site visits
  • Organize and attend Fall Professional Workshop Series
  • Organize and attend at least one annual retreat
  • Organize and attend one or more annual recognition event
  • Attend at least one American Humanics Management Institute (AHMI)
    • Students are required to raise the funds to meet their own expenses to AHMI -approximately $700

* Students are strongly encouraged to gain additional experience in the nonprofit sector through individual volunteer work and community service projects organized by the AHSA.

Supervised Internship in Nonprofit Organizations

  • 480 contact hours required
  • May be in conjunction with internship for course credit in student’s major
  • May be taken for credit as a special problems course
  • Students must approve internship with Bauer College and be supervised through the American Humanics program

Fees & Costs

Students will be assessed a one time Enrollment Fee of $50 and an annual Program Fee of $50. Student Association dues are $15 per semester, due to the AHSA Treasurer. Click here to go the Nonprofit Leadership Alliance Certificate website.