Inquiry about the Online BBA for Current Students

Bauer College currently offers an Online BBA for majors in Finance, Management, Marketing, MIS, and Supply Chain Management, and is adding Accounting and Entrepreneurship in Fall 2022. Current business majors in Bauer College who are interested in switching to the Online BBA may schedule an appointment through Navigate the Online BBA Advisor. Please select “Online BBA degree” in Navigate to see availability (your current Academic Advisor for the regular BBA will not be able to assist with questions about the Online BBA).

The Online BBA is 100% online and does not allow students to take any face-to-face classes or access to on-campus services. (Note: current students in the regular BBA are allowed to take any online classes listed in the Class Schedule.)


Summary of Features of the Online BBA:

  • Students can major or double major in any of the seven business majors: Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Management, Marketing, MIS, and Supply Chain Management (however, specialty tracks within any of the majors are not available).
  • Students in the Online BBA can also pursue a business minor in Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human Resource Management, Management & Leadership, Marketing, MIS, and Supply Chain Management (other business or non-business minors are not available).
  • Students are only eligible for online classes and cannot take any classes face-to-face, which may also limit the electives that are available.
  • Students do not have access to any student services on campus funded by the University fee or Student Services fee and to in-person college services and events (and international students would also not qualify for a student visa, CPT, or OPT).

See more information about the Online BBA.

For inquiries about switching from the regular BBA to the Online BBA, please schedule an appointment via Navigate. Select “Academic Advising” and one of the “UH Extend Online BBA” options to schedule an appointment with an Online BBA advisor. If you have general questions, please email Cali Odom at