Emerging Leaders Academic Success Program

ELASP for Transfers Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Insight Session?

  • This is an hour-long meeting with about 5-8 other ELASP for Transfers students, the ELASP Program Coordinator, Jamerson Hamlin, and the Program Manager for Student Success at Bauer, Whitney Johnson. In this meeting, Whitney and Jamerson will be asking about your transition as well as helping you with questions or concerns you may have going into your first semester at Bauer.

What should I expect in an individual peer mentor meeting?

  • These meetings are driven by you, the student. You can expect that your peer mentor will ask you about your goals for the semester, as well as how things are going your first semester. This is also an opportunity to talk about your classes, ask questions about what it is like to be in Bauer, and gain insight on your peer mentor’s experiences in their college career.

What if I can’t make it to the monthly mentor socials?

  • Please let your peer mentor know as soon as possible if you are not able to make any of the monthly mentor social events that they set for the semester. You are required to attend 1 of the 3 monthly mentor socials for the ELASP Certificate. You can attend ANY Peer Mentor’s social events each month for more flexibility.

When and where are all the ELASP Workshops?

  • • You should have received an ELASP Workshop flyer at the Ready, Set, Engage Kick-off event with the Workshop dates, times, and locations for the semester. Misplaced your flyer? Check out the ELASP Website and download another copy. Also, follow our Facebook page for updates and reminders!

Who should I ask if I have questions about my points?

  • We recommend students to keep track of their points and certificate requirements. However, you can email elasp@bauer.uh.edu to find out your current standing for the ELASP Certificate requirements and points.

I think I met all the requirements for the ELASP Certificate, when will I receive it?

  • If you meet all of the requirements for the certificate, you will receive it at the End of Semester Celebration event.

What should I do after being in ELASP during my first semester?

Where can I find more information about what student organizations are available on campus?

What are students saying about being in ELASP for Transfers their first semester?

  • “ELASP is a great program that incoming Bauer students have the privilege to be a part of. The program was wonderful and it helped me a great deal in reaching my academic aspirations. Not only did the program help me academically, but I was also introduced to hard-working, kind and intelligent people who shared my goals. ELASP made all the difference in my transition to Bauer.”
  • “ELASP helped me establish my UH GOA through flexibility and support.”
  • “ELASP helped me transition into Bauer in the sense that I was aware of what Bauer, and also UH, had to offer in order to help me be a successful new student; this included volunteering opportunities, services available like counseling, study labs and meeting people in my field of study who could help me when I needed them. Overall, ELASP created a sense of belonging, which honestly was a great incentive for me to be an outstanding student and person.”


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