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Our world-class faculty uses the latest research and practical experience to create a dynamic learning experience for executives.

We offer highly customized programs tailored to your organization’s specific needs and objectives. Using your mission and vision, we develop programs designed to equip participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to be successful leaders in their industry. We work with you to define your educational objectives and engage expert faculty to develop and deliver programs that broaden the perspective and strengthen the skills necessary to compete in today's business markets.

Whether you are implementing a new business model, want to redefine the future of your organization, or aim to fully develop your talent, we can help your organization become more agile and adaptive. Our intensive, focused, custom courses will allow your organization to explore in-depth the topics that matter the most to you and help you refresh and realign your corporate focus.

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Get in touch with us to learn how we can create a custom program for your business or organization.

Cheryl Baldwin, Ph.D., Associate Dean, Executive Development: 713-743-8984
Shanice Smith, Program Director I, Custom Programs: 713-743-9791

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Our Process

At Bauer, our approach to developing tailored programs for your organization involves several key steps:

Initial Meeting and Objective Identification

We begin by meeting with you to discuss your organization’s specific learning objectives. This allows us to gain insights into your desired outcomes and identify the levels of the organizational leadership that will need to be involved.

Collaborative Content Development

During this phase, our expert faculty members work closely with your team to develop class content that aligns with your organization's goals and requirements. We prioritize gaining an intimate understanding of your company's vision, culture, and capabilities by collaborating closely with your executives to ensure that the program addresses your unique challenges and strategic objectives.

Tailored Delivery Planning

You will choose the subject matter, class content, length of classes, and delivery location that best suits your organization's needs. Our expert faculty integrate your company's mission, vision, strategy, and tactics into engaging class lectures and discussions.

Continuous Improvement

Throughout the program delivery, we actively seek feedback from participants. This allows us to continuously improve the program and make necessary revisions to class content. By incorporating participant insights, we ensure that the program remains relevant and effective.

Participant Success

Our ultimate goal is to equip participants with the skills and knowledge necessary to drive your organization forward. Through our tailored programs, participants emerge with the ability to translate knowledge into strategic actions, ultimately helping your company achieve new levels of success.

Here is a program developed by Bauer Faculty and Katoen Natie University to deliver impact, benefits and value to the participants of the Management in Business Excellence (MBE) program:

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