Results & Feedback

Bauer Custom Executive Program


Situation: Sinopec is an oil and gas company located in Beijing, China, that was looking to develop a program that would create an innovative mindset amongst its leadership.


Vision: Bauer faculty worked closely with Sinopec executives to develop a curriculum specifically for them that….Our faculty flew to Beijing for five days to present the class on innovation, where a simulation was chosen to determine the innovative culture of the company. It also analyzed where Sinopec stood, with respect to the culture of innovation compared to global competitors. The participants were able to identify, through the simulation, the steps needed to make the company more innovative.

  • Module 1: The innovation Imperative: Why Innovation is the competitive advantage
    • Corporate Innovation: How to build innovation into a corporate strategy
  • Module 2: Developing innovative teams and individuals: Assessment and coaching, How to foster innovation in a team setting
    • Creative thinking: Design thinking, Agile thinking, & Empathetic Design & Theory of Inventive Problem solving
  • Module 3: Creative Thinking in Corporate Innovation
    • Developing new products and services
  • Module 4: Leading innovation in the firm from Management up
  • Module 5: Innovating within the Industry
    • Case histories and Challenges


“We are so happy, the review is very positive. We will repeat the program.”

– Shushan Wu, Managing Director