BBA in Finance


The Finance major consists of core classes, pre-business classes, required upper lever business courses, and specific Finance coursework. Please see the general degree plan for more detailed information on courses**

We encourage current students to meet with an academic advisor to select courses, inquire about tracks, receive support, and stay on track for graduation.

During a student’s academic career, Finance Majors can choose to pursue the Standard Track in Finance or to pursue one of the four Specialty Tracks in Finance.

Standard Track

The Standard Finance Track offers studies in the theory and application of activities related to the financing and investment decisions of individuals, corporations and non-profit entities. This includes the analysis of risk, investment cost and benefits, and securities management, as well as the study of financial institutions and their operations. Emphasis is given to understanding decision processes and financial markets and developing optimal decisions.

The Academic Advisor for the Standard Finance Track is Erica Barreraz-Mahan (egbarreraz@uh.edu).

Specialty Tracks

Students can also choose from four tracks, beyond the standard track, depending on their interest in Finance. Each track offers unique classes and requirements designed to better prepare students for specific industries, fields, and careers.

The Specialty Tracks currently offered to Finance Majors are:

There is also a more comprehensive and technical Global Energy Management Professional Program offered as well.

**Please review the links for degree plans, requirements, and prerequisite information.

The Academic Advisor for Specialty Tracks is Bethany Rose (btolar@uh.edu).


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