Commercial Banking Certificate & Track

The Commercial Banking Certificate in Finance is a complete undergraduate education designed to prepare students for a career in commercial banking. The certificate is a specialization within the traditional BBA in Finance. Students who complete the Commercial Banking Certificate will take specific finance, accounting and advanced business courses that will equip them for success in the commercial banking industry. Students who successfully complete the program will receive a BBA in Finance and a Certificate in Commercial Banking.

Curriculum Advising Chart

Students pursuing the Commercial Banking Certificate in Finance must meet the regular BBA requirements for finance majors. The Commercial Banking Certificate does not require any more classes than the traditional BBA, but requires that students take specific courses for their finance and advanced electives.

Finance courses required for the certificate:

  • FINA 4320: Investment Management
  • FINA 4330: Corporate Finance
  • FINA 4341: Commercial Bank Management
  • FINA 4342: Financial Evaluation of Corporate Reports
  • FINA 4343: Credit Analysis
  • FINA 4380: Real Estate Finance

Advanced Electives required for the certificate:

  • ACCT 3366: Financial Reporting Frameworks
  • ACCT 3367: Intermediate Accounting I
  • ACCT 3368: Intermediate Accounting II

See the University of Houston course catalog for all relevant polices pertaining to the degree plans and minors.