Corporate Finance Certificate

The Corporate Finance Certificate prepares students for corporate finance careers, and for careers in financial firms that advise nonfinancial firms and assist them in the implementation of their financial strategies (investment banks, consulting firms, private equity funds). A typical first position in this career track may be that of a financial analyst. In corporations, roles could include project evaluation (capital budgeting), budgeting, financial modeling, financial planning, controlling, valuation, and business development research. Higher-level corporate positions include that of a treasurer or chief financial officer of a firm.

(Need 9 credit hours)

  • FINA 7A10 Valuation (REQUIRED)
  • FINA 7A20 Capital Markets (REQUIRED)
  • FINA 7A30 Advanced Corporate Finance (REQUIRED)
  • FINA 7A33 Mergers & Acquisitions I (REQUIRED)
  • Choose 3.0 Credits from: (REQUIRED)
    • FINA 7A34 Mergers & Acquisitions II
    • FINA 7A97 Strategy for Project Finance
    • FINA 7A97 Techniques in Project Finance
    • FINA 7374 Midstream Energy Finance