Stephen Stagner Sales Excellence Institute

Undergraduate Professional Sales Program

Student Demographics
Course Track

The Program for Excellence in Selling (PES) prepares students for careers in selling, facilitates internships and provides career placement.

Selective Admission Process

From a pool of approximately 400 students per year taking the Foundation in Selling course, up to 160 students are accepted into the Program. Students applying for the Program for Excellence in Selling go through a rigorous admission process which includes an application and an interview.

The Program provides educational tools to enhance sales productivity and profitability of sales people from the very beginning of their sales career.

Key Skills for PES Students: Sales, Technology, Leadership/Management, Career Development, and Communication.

Effective Use of Sales Technology

  • Inbound/Outbound Call-Center Experience
  • Multiple-Media Presentation Training
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM)
  • Software -
  • Digital Selling: Virtual Sales, Social Listening, and Social Selling.

One of the important differentiators in our program is that every student in every program class engages in live selling.

Students Receive Real World Experience by selling the following:

  • Jacket Sponsors (Mentorships)
  • Technology Sponsorships (Laptop)
  • Various Sponsorships for the Student-Run Semi-Annual Golf Tournament
  • Recruiting Booths to Businesses for the Semi-Annual Sales Career Fair
  • Program, Institute and Strategic Partnerships

A Unique & Diverse Organization

The Program is a unique and diverse organization with students from varying ethnic and professional backgrounds, experiences, and ages – reflecting the diversity of our campus and our city. For example, the current break down is:

  • Average PES student has a 3.3/4.0 overall GPA
  • UH is the most culturally and ethnically diverse US university.
  • Average student has 3-5 years of work experience
  • PES students typically work full-time while completing their degrees.
  • PES students are supported by a network of alumni and corporate partners, like Andy and Barbara Gessner


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