Student-Related Instructor FAQs & General Administrative Issues


Student-Related Instructor FAQs

Students with questions about registration, prerequisites, and other administrative matters should be referred to one of the following advising offices within the Bauer College:

  • Undergraduate students, the Undergraduate Business Programs Office, 262 MH
  • CAP students (5000-level courses), 304 CBB
  • MBA students, the Graduate Professional Programs Office, 424 CBB
  • MS/Accountancy students, 304 CBB
  • MS/Finance students, 424 CBB
  • Undergraduate Accounting and PPA students, 304 CBB
  • Doctoral students to Mary Gould, 262 MH.

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  • The University establishes the enrollment dates and deadlines followed by the Bauer College. The UH Academic Calendar lists much of this information.

    For a fall or spring semester, the last day on which a student can add a class or change sections of a class falls in the first week of classes. The Bauer College does not participate in late or extended registration activities. Instructors should not sign petitions or drop/add forms to add students to their classes.

    Did you know?
    Registration begins at least two months prior to the beginning of a semester, allowing students ample time to make enrollment decisions and changes well before the first week of classes.

  • Instructors cannot add students to classes. Instructors should not sign petitions or drop/add forms to add students to their classes. Please refer students with enrollment issues to the appropriate advising office listed above. Advisors can give students options and, if appropriate, add students to classes during the registration period.

    Did you know?
    Department chairs review enrollment figures frequently for their courses and are aware of that some classes fill up quickly. They work closely with the advisors to meet student needs in terms of timely degree completion.

  • Payment dates are set by the University. The Bauer College has no leeway in this matter. Students with questions about payment acceptance after the due date should be referred to the UH Welcome Center for assistance.

    Although the advisors cannot extend the payment date, if the student wants to discuss alternative plans because payment was not completed, please refer the students to the advisors’ offices.

  • Official class rolls are accessed by faculty through their PeopleSoft accounts. The rolls are generated as soon as enrollment begins, so the information is always current. Faculty members can see their class rolls by going to their Faculty Center.

    Did you know?
    This will be the same location for the grade sheets at the end of the semester, so going to the Faculty Center to get a feel for the navigation early in the semester makes the grading process easier and smoother.

  • The University establishes drop deadlines for students and publishes them on the web here.

    An important part of the drop deadlines concerns refunds for dropped courses and for withdrawing from the University for the semester. These dates are found here.

    Neither the faculty nor the College has the authority to change these dates that are set by the State of Texas.

  • UH students are expected to keep a close watch on their academic progress throughout the semester and monitor this against the last day to drop. Undergraduate students can drop themselves through that date via their PeopleSoft accounts. Graduate students complete a drop form (obtained at the Welcome Center) and submit the completed form signed by the instructor at the Welcome Center by the deadline.

    After the last day to drop, it is almost impossible to drop a student, unless there is a medical reason, supported by documentation from a physician. In this case, undergraduate students petition the Office of Academic Program Management, 109 E. Cullen. Graduate students petition their advisors.

  • An incomplete grade should be given only if a small portion of the class needs to be completed. The situation described above would indicate that the grade earned should be assigned. The instructor’s syllabus outlines the grading guidelines for the course. How does the syllabus address frequent absences and failure to turn in assignments?

    If the instructor decides to give an incomplete, the student should not register in the course again. The instructor will need to work with the student to determine the best course of action in order to complete the incomplete work, although allowing the student to sit in someone else’s section could be seen as unfair to the students who did complete the course in the usual way.

    Once the student has satisfactorily completed the incomplete work, the original instructor will need to complete a paper grade change form to change the grade.

    Did you know?
    After one year, the incomplete grade automatically changes to an F.

  • Undergraduate students should be referred to 109 E. Cullen. The staff in that office handles the paper work for medical withdrawals for undergraduate students, including working with doctors' statements, etc.

    • MBA students, the MBA Program Office, 275 MH;
    • MS/Accountancy students, 325 MH;
    • MS/Finance students, 330 MH;
    • Doctoral students to Mary Gould, 262 MH.
  • No, instructors in the Bauer College cannot backdate drops.

    A student who feels an administrative error has been made by the College or University may request a back date for courses from the respective office that committed the error.

  • Because of student confidentiality issues and because email is not necessarily a secure way to report grades, faculty should use extreme caution in reporting grades via email. The social security number should never be used as an ID number and should never be included in email. Canvas – accessible for all Bauer classes – minimizes the compromise of individually identifiable information.

    See the general UH final exam schedule.

    In addition, Bauer College offers classes that do not fit the general UH final exam schedule.

    Did you know?
    The final exam schedule must be followed by all instructors giving a final exam.

  • After the last day to drop a course for the semester and before the first day of finals, the Registrar’s Office “opens” the area of PeopleSoft that displays the grade sheets in each faculty member’s Faculty Center. This is the same location where an instructor obtains the class roll.

    All grades are entered online. Grades input are uploaded to student records twice per day: at noon and midnight. Once the instructor inputs the grades, the grades will appear in the student record after noon or midnight.

    Did you know?
    Students cannot be dropped on the grade sheet. All students whose names appear on the grade sheet must be given a grade. At this point in the semester, a W cannot be given. Note that an I should be given only if a small portion of work remains to be completed for the course.

  • Many instructors now use Canvas to communicate with their students. A component of Canvas allows the secure reporting of grades, although inputting grades in Canvas is NOT the same as inputting the grades in PeopleSoft. Inputting grades in Canvas will NOT show up in PeopleSoft. Outside of Canvas, grades should not be posted unless a written agreement has previously been obtained from the student. If grades are posted, no individually identifiable information can be used, e.g., student numbers or names.

    Students can check their UH PeopleSoft accounts to check their end-of-semester grades. If the instructor has not input the grades in PeopleSoft, the students will not see their grades.

  • Since the grading is online, PeopleSoft can be accessed from anywhere internet is available. If your TA is assisting you in inputting the grades, be sure to send the TA’s name and PS ID to Mary Gould during the latter part of the semester. She can input this information in PeopleSoft so that the TA can access the grade sheet in their Faculty Center and input grades.

    Did you know?
    It is against UH policy to give anyone your PeopleSoft password. Your personal financial information can be accessed by anyone who has your password. If you want your TA to input grades, be sure to send Mary Gould the necessary information in the latter part of the semester.

  • To change a grade, go to your Faculty Center, select the course in which the grade change needs to occur. Click on Request Grade Change, input the new grade, press SUBMIT. The system will send an electronic grade change request to the department chair. Once the department chair has approved the change, the system will send you and the student an email letting you know that this step in the process has occurred.

    Did you know?
    If you’ve input the grade change and realize that the grade needs to be changed again—input the wrong grade, now have additional information that merits a different grade—there is a short period in which this specific grade cannot be changed. You can wait for confirmation that the grade has been changed, then input another grade change.

  • Most daytime Bauer classes meet 1 1/2 hours per period. Your lecture or test should be completed a minimum of 10 minutes before the hour/half hour. Example: class meets 11:30-1, so class should be leaving the classroom by 12:50. Another example: class meets 1-2:30; class should be leaving the classroom by 2:20. There are once-in-awhile situations in which class may go a bit over this time, so collegial patience is expected for these rare occurrences. Similarly, lectures and tests should not routinely exceed these guidelines.

  • As a courtesy to the next class, the boards should be erased before leaving the classroom. If desks or tables were moved during a class, they should be put back in their appropriate places before leaving the room.

  • Ask your DBA or office coordinator to put in a FIXIT request via central Plant Operations. Call 713-743-4948 or complete an online FAMIS work order.

  • Classrooms are assigned using a complex, sometimes historical, but definitely idiosyncratic set of ever-changing parameters. If you would like to change classrooms, please ask your department chair or DBA to look into the matter for you. In the meantime, please do not change classrooms. Some instructors do not necessarily meet every class session and every now and then, a class will begin at a slightly different time because of a guest speaker or some other reason. Your request will be seriously considered and if there is a way to accommodate it, it will be done and you will be notified asap.


General Administrative Issues

General Information for faculty from UH:

Faculty Handbook:

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  • Campus and college maps, dining, visitor parking, and other useful “Getting Around Campus” information is found here.

    Bauer is fortunate in that there is ample parking near the building. Faculty/Staff Gated Parking Lot 1A and two large general parking lots are located in front of the building. A parking permit can be purchased at the Parking Office in the basement of the E Cullen Building (Main Administration).

  • As your offer letter states, you have a one semester contract. Lecturers are paid on the first business day of each month throughout their contract. Direct Deposit is available and strongly encouraged. However, if you opt to receive a paper check, your department coordinator will receive it on pay day. You can pick it up from her or notify her in writing or by email that you would like it mailed to you.

    SemesterContract DatesFirst PaycheckDetails
    Fall SemesterSeptember 1st - January 15th1st business day in OctoberContract rate/4.5=monthly salary
    half paycheck in October
    Spring SemesterJanuary 16th - May 31st1st business day in FebruaryContract rate/4.5=monthly salary
    half paycheck in February
    Summer IJune 1st - July 15th1st business day in JulyContract rate/1.5=monthly salary
    2/3 of salary in June 1/3 in July
    Summer IIJune 1st - July 15th1st business day in JulyContract rate/1.5=monthly salary
    2/3 of salary in June 1/3 in July
    Summer IIIJune 1st - August 31st1st business day in JulyContract rate/3 = monthly salary
    Summer IVJuly 16th - August 31st1st business day in AugustContract rate/1.5=monthly salary
    1/3 of salary in July 2/3 in August
  • The UH ID Card is called the Cougar 1 Card. It can be obtained through the Cougar 1 Card office. The office is located in the Welcome Center Parking Garage, room 101. Walk-in hours are 8-5, Monday through Friday. You can go here for more information.

  • Your department coordinator can show you where office space is available for your use. S/he can also take care of providing any keys you need.

  • Students have one year to contest a grade. Therefore, you should keep all of your class records for one year after the semester ends. Each department has its own system for record retention. Please see your department coordinator to find out where to keep yours.

  • There are two bookstores that service the University of Houston
    UH Bookstore in the University Center:
    The College Store:

    About two months before the semester begins, you will need to let the bookstores know which book you are using and also the maximum number of people that can enroll in your class. You can do this online through the UH bookstore.

    Please get your book requests in on time so students can get better deals on used books and in selling back their textbooks!

  • Each department has a copying machine. If you are unable to come in early enough to make copies or transparencies for your exam, please contact your department to make arrangements.

  • The DBA in your department can assist you with any supplies you need for teaching, including dry erase markers.

  • Each department has mailboxes for faculty. Please talk to your department coordinator to find out where yours is.

  • Bauer Main Number: 713/743-4600
    Undergraduate Business Programs: 713/743-4900
    MBA Office: 713/743-4876
    EMBA: 713/743-4700
    Accounting & Taxation: 713/743-4820
    Decision & Information Sciences (DISC): 713/743-4747
    Finance: 713/743-4755
    Management: 713/743-4660
    Marketing & Entrepreneurship: 713/743-4555

  • Yes, it happens. Go to the Welcome Center to fill out the refund request. Usually, the refund is made when the form is submitted.

  • All instructors are required to prepare a syllabus for each class they teach. The syllabus is a contract with your students which lets them know what they need to do to be successful in your class and also lets you know that they understand what their assignments are. Adherence to the syllabus is strongly advised.

    Each syllabus is required to be posted on the UH web and include the following two statements:

    Academic Honesty

    The University of Houston Academic Honesty Policy is strictly enforced by the C. T. Bauer College of Business. No violations of this policy will be tolerated in this course. A discussion of the policy is included in the University of Houston Student Handbook. Students are expected to be familiar with this policy.

    Accommodations for Students with Disabilities

    The C. T. Bauer College of Business would like to help students who have disabilities achieve their highest potential. To this end, in order to receive academic accommodations, students must register with the Center for Students with Disabilities (CSD) (telephone 713-743-5400), and present approved accommodation documentation to their instructors in a timely manner.

  • Should you have a student approach you with any requests due to a disability, please make sure they are registered through the Center for Students with Disabilities. The Center will advise you on how to proceed with special accommodations for the student.

  • Canvas is an online instructional tool used across the university to facilitate teachers and students. Canvas has many benefits. It offers a place for the instructor to place the syllabus and important class documents. An instructor can also post grades for students to see in a confidential environment. To get started contact the college’s instructional designers at 713/743-4858.

  • All Melcher Hall class rooms have projection equipment attached to computers permanently installed. Any problems with equipment in classrooms should be directed to the college IT department (called RICS) 713/743-4871 or in room 102. Online reporting of technology service issues can be done via Help Desk at

  • Many of our faculty invite guest speakers to their classes from the Houston business community to enhance their students' learning experience. Your department coordinator can help you arrange parking for your guests.

  • Proctors and teaching assistants can help you administer your classes and exams. Each department has its own system for assigning proctors and teaching assistants. Please speak with your department for details.

  • UH has a Measurement and Evaluation Center (MEC) on campus that can grade scantrons. The turn-around time is usually less than 48 hours and they can email the results to you.

  • If you need to cancel class, please inform your department. They can place signs on your door and reroute students as required.

  • Room temperature, electricity, janitorial, opening doors: 713/743-4948
    UH Police (non-emergencies): 713/743-0600

  • Call 911

    In case of extremely severe weather or some type of disaster situation, please go to or contact your department for updates on university closure or class cancellation.