Recent Publications

UH Bauer faculty are among the most highly productive faculty of any business school in the world, publishing numerous articles in leading academic journals and books as well as holding editorial board positions. Following is a listing of recent publications by our faculty.

  • 2023 Publications
    • Ruggs, E. N., Hall, A. V., Traylor, H. D., & Garcia, L. R. (2023). Amplifying Black excellence in industrial-organizational psychology. American Psychologist, 78(4), 613-628.
    • Gooty, J., Ruggs, E. N., Aguinis, H., Bergeron, D., Eby, L. T., van Knippenberg, D., Post, C., Rupp, D. E., Thatcher, S. M. B., Tonidandel, S., & Yammarino, F. J. (in press). Gender inclusive leadership in business schools: Current challenges and actionable solutions. Journal of Management.
    • Mahoney, Maggie; Sebastijanovic, Marina; and Miljanic, Olivia (2022) "Developing Global Competence in a Virtual Classroom," Southwestern Business Administration Journal: Vol. 20: Iss. 1, Article 3. Available at:
    • Rude, Dale; Sebastijanovic, Marina; Belinne, Jamie, and Hopkins, Troy (2022) "The Career Project: An Intervention to Facilitate Career Development,” Southwestern Business Administration Journal: Vol. 20: Iss. 1, Article 6. Available at: "The Career Project" by Dale E. Rude, Marina Sebastijanovic et al. (
    • Cristofaro, M., Bao, Y.J., Chiu, S., Hernández-Lara, A.B., & Perez-Calero, L. (2022). Affect and cognition in upper echelons’ strategic decision making: Empirical and theoretical studies for advancing corporate governance. Frontiers in Psychology.
    • Chiu, S., Hoskisson, R.E., Kong, D., Li, A., & Shao, P. (2023) Predicting primary and secondary Stakeholder Engagement: A CEO motivation-Means Contingency Model. Journal of Business Research.