Bauer Scholarship Application Process

How Do I Apply?

All students interested in being considered for a Bauer College scholarship must complete the online application. The application for 2024-2025 is now open. Priority deadline to apply is May 1, 2024. This one online application will allow you to be considered for all available Bauer College scholarships for which you qualify. Students must re-apply each year for scholarships, regardless of whether they received a scholarship in the previous year. Incoming and new students are encouraged to apply.

Step 1: All applicants must first Register before they can sign in.

Step 2: Once signed in, click on the Edit Link located on the top left corner to provide your information. Once you are done, click Submit at the bottom of the form. You can update your application at any time by repeating this step.

Step 3: You must provide a current resume and personal statement for scholarship consideration. You can upload these files by clicking on the Upload Files located on the top left corner of your form.

Step 4: Once you are done, click the Sign Out link on the top right corner or just close the page. You can log into your account at any time to verify your information, make edits, or upload new documents.

You application is saved once you click submit or upload a document. Think of this not as an application, but as a profile that you can now update.

For those selected, the Bauer Scholarship Office will send out notifications. The Bauer Scholarship Office will provide you additional instructions before your award is processed.

Only those selected will need to upload a FERPA release form and a letter of appreciation for their donor.

Personal Statement Guidelines: Length should be no longer than one page (single-spaced) or two pages (double-spaced). Your statement is your sales pitch, to our selection committee, telling them why you deserve a scholarship. This allows you the opportunity to provide additional details not on your resume. What accomplishments do you want to highlight? What are your plans after graduation? Any accomplishments outside of Bauer you feel we should know about?

Need Based vs. Merit Based Scholarships: In order to be eligible for our Need Based scholarships, you must have a completed FAFSA or TASFA on file with the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid. Those who are ineligible or choose not to complete one will still receive consideration for Merit Based scholarships.

Please contact the Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid directly, with any FAFSA or TASFA related questions, by calling (713) 743-1010, option 5, or via email at

Decisions will be made by early July.

For additional questions, please contact the Bauer Scholarship Office at

When Do I Apply?

Bauer College of Business 2024-2025 scholarship application is Open. Priority deadline to apply is May 1, 2024 .

The earlier you apply, the more scholarships there are available and the more for which you will be considered. The Bauer College Scholarship Committee will begin awarding as early as June for the following academic year. The majority of the Bauer College Scholarship decisions will be made by the Fall Semester Payment Deadline. Keep in mind, scholarships are awarded year round and you may receive an award later in the year, if funds become available.

You may only submit the Bauer College Scholarship Application once. Any attempts to change or redo your application will be rejected. If you have a significant change in your status that could affect your consideration for scholarships (such as a change in major or classification or election to a student organization officer position) you can contact the scholarship office at or 713-743-4812 to have your application updated.

Please note that there is no need to notify the office of any changes to GPA or enrollment hours

How Do I Find Out If I Received A Scholarship?

Recipients who have been chosen for a scholarship by the Bauer College Scholarship Committee will be emailed an award notice that outlines the conditions of the scholarship (such as maintaining a minimum GPA, taking a specific number of credit hours, etc). Please be sure to enter the email address that you check most often on your application and, to prevent emails with attachments from going into your Junk/Spam/Trash folder, add to your safe list. If we do not hear from the student by the deadline, we may re-award the scholarship to another deserving student.

Please note that you will not be notified if you are not chosen for a scholarship. It is possible that you may be awarded a scholarship later in the year due to declined or new scholarships.