At UH Bauer College, we aim to be a military-friendly academic environment and create a smooth transition from your previous situation - whether that be active duty, civilian life, or other. It’s your potential. Reach it here!

Admission Into UH and UH Bauer College: Veterans Information

UH provides a comprehensive admissions website specifically addressing the needs of veterans. Visit this site to obtain detailed information for veterans and steps to enrollment at UH!

Academic Services for Future and Current Veterans

Once accepted to UH and UH Bauer College, all newly admitted students* are required to either attend UH Orientation (freshman) or UH Advising and Registration for Transfers.

ACTIVE DUTY ADVISING: We recognize that many active duty military who plan to attend UH may be released very close to the start of their first semester here at UH, therefore making it difficult for them to seek on-campus academic advising in a timely manner. For these students, we offer special off-site (phone) advising for active duty military that can show proof of their inability to arrive on campus to participate in required on-site orientation and advising activities. Orientation and other mandatory activities will still be required, but we offer you the opportunity to receive advising and registration help beforehand.

If you find yourself in this position, we want to help! Email to begin the process. A college representative will connect you with an academic advisor within our college that can assist you.

*If you have been admitted to UH but not to UH Bauer College (accepted into another college on campus or into University Studies/undeclared), you need to seek advising and services from advisors within those areas. Different policies and services may apply.

FAQ: Does UH Bauer College accept military credit?

UH, in general, accepts a variety of military credit.  Whether this credit can be applied to a business degree at UH Bauer College depends on if you have taken courses that are required for our business degree plan.  Once you've been admitted to UH and you have received an official transcript evaluation of your credit, you can compare the evaluation with our degree plan to see what courses, if any, apply.

FAQ: How do I find out more about Military Financial Assistance/GI Bill® Information?

UH Bauer College academic advising staff exist to help you with academic-related issues and paperwork related to your military status after you become a member of the college and begin school at UH.  If you have questions about the details of any of the available GI Bills or other military financial assistance, we suggest you visit UH Veterans Services for more information.