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Second-Degree Seeking Students

What is “post-bac” status?

Post baccalaureate (otherwise known as “post-bac” or “PB”) status is a classification for students who have already completed a bachelor’s degree.

Please note that current Bauer College guidelines do not permit post-bac students to pursue a second undergraduate degree in the Bauer College of Business. However, the Bauer College of Business has several options to further your education if you fit this category. You may want to consider applying to one of our masters-level degree programs* or our Certificate in Accountancy Program**:



* Most graduate Classes (6000-level) can only be taken by students admitted into a graduate degree program. PB students are not eligible to take business classes at the graduate level (6000-level or above).

** 5000-level coursework designed for PB students to prepare you for the CPA exam.

For admission information and academic advising for graduate programs and Certificate in Accountancy Program, contact:

Graduate and Professional Programs Office
334 Melcher Hall
Houston, TX 77204-6021
Phone: 713-743-0700
Email: houstonmba@uh.edu

Certificate in Accountancy Program
334 Melcher Hall, 304 CBB
Houston, TX 77204-6021
Phone: 713-743-4696
Email: applycap@uh.edu




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