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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Sara Brown Executive Director, College Business Operations 713-743-4613 Dean's Office MH 350J
Lilia Canas Faculty Affairs Manager 713-743-0473 Dean's Office MH 340E
Todd Chaykosky Director, Assessment & Accreditation Services 713-743-4686 Dean's Office MH 330G
Chelsea Crouse Graphics Designer 2 713-743-4625 Dean's Office MH 320G
Terrolyn Gunter Assistant Business Administrator 713-743-1580 Dean's Office MH 350B
Eduardo (Lalo) Guzman Skilled Trades Technician 832-266-6799 Dean's Office CBB 129
Lucy Hernandez Office Coordinator 713-743-4617 Dean's Office MH 350
Britney Hudson Program Director, Assistant to the Deans 713-743-4604 Dean's Office MH 350F
Sarah Kole Financial Coordinator 713-743-8577 Dean's Office MH 340A
Liz McLemore Assessment Coordinator 713-743-4868 Dean's Office MH 330E
Brandon Moeller Web Developer 3 713-743-7220 Dean's Office MH 320K
Marla Molony Web Developer 3 713-743-5790 Dean's Office MH 320K
Jessica Robertson Navarro Director of Communications 713-743-4348 Dean's Office MH 320G
Anne Ness Director of Alumni Relations 713-743-4704 Dean's Office MH 330F
Khanh Nguyen Financial Analyst 713-743-4616 Dean's Office MH 340C
Melissa Luna Niles College Business Administrator 713-743-4639 Dean's Office MH 350C
Charlie Propst Jr. Videographer/Editor 713-743-3686 Dean's Office 320L MH
Latha Ramchand 713-743-4769 Dean's Office - Finance 350E
Alejandra Rodriguez Assistant Business Administrator 713-743-0548 Dean's Office 340B
Amanda Sebesta Senior Communications Coordinator 713-743-2264 Dean's Office 320H
Sarayu Sundar Program Manager 2 713-743-4941 Dean's Office MH 330H
Lisa Tillman Customer Service Supervisor 713-743-4612 Dean's Office MH 350
Aracely Villalpando Brooks Administrator, UH College of Business Foundation (713) 743-4633 Dean's Office 330D Melcher Hall
Lori Watley Department Business Administrator 713-743-4601 Dean's Office 340D Melcher Hall
Patsy Woods Program Manager, Institute for Regional Forecasting 713-743-3869 Dean's Office 302L UCBB