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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Kiran Parthasarathy Instructional Associate Professor - Faculty Director of Principles Accounting Courses 713-743-4128 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370F
Vanessa M. Patrick-Ralhan Professor - Associate Dean of Research & Bauer Professor of Marketing 713-743-3661 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385J
Staci Patterson Professor of Practice 713-743-4717 Decision & Information Sciences MH 275C
Valerie Paul GENB Corporate Projects Manager 832-842-6120 Rockwell Career Center CEMO
Paul A. Pavlou Dean - Cullen Distinguished Chair Professor 713-743-3562 Dean's Office - Decision & Information Sciences
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Isaac Pearce Assistant Director of Development 713-743-5653 Dean's Office MH 320
Paola Pederzoli Assistant Professor 713-743-4767 Finance MH 210
Frank Pena Adjunct Faculty 713-743-4357 Decision & Information Sciences MH 290A
Rudy Pena Academic Advisor, MANA 713-743-9804 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs Remote
Matt Pennebaker Adjunct Faculty 713-743-4660 Management & Leadership mpenneba@Central.UH.EDU MH 310B
Christy Pennington College Business Administrator 713-743-1999 Dean's Office MH 350C
Michael Pettiette Adjunct Faculty 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385
Josie Pham Graphics Designer 2 713-743-4348 Communications Office MH 320K
James S Phillips Professor 713-743-4660 Management & Leadership MH 315L
Stacey Piefer Senior Career Development Specialist Rockwell Career Center
Diana Pineda Assistant Director of Development 713-743-5653 Dean's Office MH 320
Joe Pineda Program Director, Scholarships 713-743-4812 Dean's Office
John Pingel Professor of Practice - Director of Corporate Relations 713-743-1929 Sales Excellence Institute MH 398A
Craig Pirrong Professor 713-743-4466 Finance MH 240B
Cecilia Pittman Director of Accounting Department Business Services 713-743-4493 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370H
Joe Pogge Adjunct Faculty 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Jaana Porra Associate Professor 713-743-4583 Decision & Information Sciences MH 280G
Chris Porras Career Development Specialist Rockwell Career Center CEMO 227
Michelle Poullard Director, Academic Operations 713-743-4631 Graduate & Professional Programs CBB 424U
Paul Povel Professor - Judge Elkins Professor of Finance 713-743-4759 Finance MH 230G
James Pratt Professor - Emeritus 713-743-4820 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370
Praveen Punia PhD Student 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375L