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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Jim Adams Lecturer Finance
Alana Aleman Lecturer 713-743-2672 Finance CBB 402A
William Alexander Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4269 Finance CBB 302C
Erin Alexander Lecturer 713-743-4269 Finance CBB 302C
Stephen Arbogast Executive Professor 713-743-1630 Finance MH 220D
Anandi Banerjee PhD Student 713-743-4758 Finance MH 230B
Beverly Barrett Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-2592 Finance MH 220 & CBB 402-A
Swati Basu Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-5255 Finance CBB 302E
Donald Bellman Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4755 Finance CBB 302J
Jeremy Berkowitz Associate Professor 713-743-4764 Finance MH 230E
David Buchuk PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance MH 210J
Don Carmichael PhD Student 713-743-4937 Finance MH 210A
Shu-Hsiu (Steven) Chen PhD Student 713-743-6734 Finance MH 210J
Che-Kuan Chen PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance MH 230J
Darla Chisholm Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4655 Finance MH 240C
Yong Seok Choi PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance MH 230J
Ieshia Deal Office Coordinator 713-743-4772 Finance MH 220
Chad Disch Lecturer Finance
Sandrine Docgne Penlap PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance MH 230J
Hitesh Doshi Assistant Professor 713-743-4777 Finance MH 230D
Nima Ebrahimi PhD Student 713-743-4937 Finance 210A
Xin Gao PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance 230J
Thomas George Professor - Bauer Professor of Finance
Senior Associate Dean
713-743-4762 Finance 230C
Bill Gilmer Director, Institute for Regional Forecasting 713-743-4651 Finance 302M UCBB
Charles Guez Executive Professor 713-743-4757 Finance 302G UCBB
John Hammond Lecturer Finance 302 CBB
William Houston Lecturer Finance
Guanglian Hu PhD Student 713-743-4758 Finance 230B
Metin Ilbasmis PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance 230J
Kris Jacobs Professor - C. T. Bauer Professor of Finance 713-743-2826 Finance 240E
Charles Jacobus Lecturer Finance
Dan C. Jones Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4773 Finance 302H UCBB
Praveen Kumar Professor - Cullen Distinguished Chair and Professor 713-743-4770 Finance 220H
Anesia Lamont Department Business Administrator 713-743-4778 Finance 220B
Nisan Langberg Associate Professor 713-743-4765 Finance 210E
Sangwon Lee PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance 210J
Pius Leung Lecturer Finance CBB 300
Yu Li PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance 210J
Shulin Liang PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance 230J
Rui (Cherry) Liu PhD Student 713-743-4758 Finance 230B
John C. Lopez Clinical Assistant Professor 713-208-8934 Finance 402E UCBB
Yang Luo PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance 210J
Fabio Mauro PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance 230J
Andra Olivia Miljanic Clinical Assistant Professor - Director of Global Studies 713-743-3669 Finance 325A
Jim Munchbach Professor 281-728-8691 Finance
Beau Page Assistant Professor 713-743-4779 Finance 220G
Bill Pederson Executive Director, Graduate Real Estate Program 713-743-3482 Finance CBB 302A
Natalia Piqueira Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-0893 Finance 230F
Craig Pirrong Professor 713-743-4466 Finance 240B
Paul Povel Professor 713-743-4759 Finance 220C
PJ Pritzker PhD Student 713-743-4937 Finance MH 210A
Ramon Rabinovitch Professor 713-743-4782 Finance 210H
Latha Ramchand 713-743-4769 Dean's Office - Finance 350E
Dimuthu Ratnadiwakara PhD Student 713-743-4937 Finance 210A
Mack Rogers Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4608 Finance 302Q UCBB
Christopher Ross Executive Professor 713-743-8506 Finance 402J CBB
Thomas Rourke Lecturer Finance
David Rubenstein Visiting Professor 713-743-4705 Finance
Rob Shoss Lecturer 832-771-6367 Finance
Ronald Singer Professor 713-743-4771 Finance 210F
Marcus Stewart Lecturer Finance 210C Melcher Hall
Raul Susmel Associate Professor 713-743-4763 Finance 210D
Stuart M. Turnbull Professor 713-743-4767 Finance 230G
Buvaneshwaran Venugopal PhD Student 713-743-6734 Finance 210J
Guojun Wu Professor 713-743-4813 Finance 220F
James Yae Assistant Professor 713-743-4781 Finance 210G
Vijay Yerramilli Associate Professor 713-743-2516 Finance 240D
Carlos Zurita PhD Student 713-743-4766 Finance 230J
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GEMI Symposium

Reliability and Security Across the Energy Value Chain

March 11


C. Gregory Harper
C. Gregory Harper

President, Gas Pipelines and Processing, Enbridge


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