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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Lilia Canas Academic Affairs Manager 713-743-0473 Dean's Office MH 340A
An Cao Manager, Special Programs 915-261-0123 Executive Education MH 305
Barbara Carlin Instructional Associate Professor - Director of Inclusive Leadership Initiatives 713-743-4661 Management & Leadership MH 325J
Erica Casillas Director, Accounting Advising and Recruitment 713-743-5936 Accountancy & Taxation CBB 304B
Nikhil Celly Instructional Assistant Professor - Director of Global Initiatives 713-743-7114 Management & Leadership MH 315D
Todd Chaykosky Director, Assessment & Accreditation Services 713-743-4686 Dean's Office MH 330D
Novia Chen Assistant Professor 713-743-0558 Accountancy & Taxation MH 380F
Wynne Chin Professor - C.T. Bauer Professor of Decision and Information Sciences 713-743-4728 Decision & Information Sciences MH 290B
Darla Chisholm Instructional Assistant Professor 713-743-4655 Finance MH 240C
Shih-chi (Sana) Chiu Assistant Professor 713-743-4803 Management & Leadership MH 325G
Cassie Collier PhD Student 713-743-4586 Decision & Information Sciences MH 284
Kelly Collins Senior Director of Graduate and Alumni Career Services 832-842-6132 Rockwell Career Center CEMO 232
Melissa Comperry Director of Administration, WCE 713-743-4751 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 526A
Norman Comstock Lecturer 713-743-4820 Accountancy & Taxation MH 360K
David Cook Professor of Practice 832-842-4173 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 528A
Randolph Cooper Professor 713-743-4732 Decision & Information Sciences MH 280B
Jaren Cooper Program Manager, Executive Education 713-743-4740 Sales Excellence Institute MH 398
Jennifer Coppock Program Manager, Executive Education 713-743-4557 Executive Education MH 385A
Allison Cortez Graphic Designer 713-743-4451 Communications Office MH 320K
Kathy Cossick Instructional Assistant Professor 713-743-4727 Decision & Information Sciences MH 290D
Keith Cox Professor - Emeritus 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Steve Crawford Assistant Professor 713-743-5329 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390G
Daniel Currie 713-743-4806 Management & Leadership CBB 402C
Sonetria (Sonnie) Curry Office Coordinator 713-743-4650 Management & Leadership MH 315
Joshua Cutler Assistant Professor 713-743-0337 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390C