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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Saira Nadeem Program Manager 1 713-743-4746 Sales Excellence Institute MH 398A
Eun Young Nae PhD Student 713-743-4682 Management MH 310L
Irene Nahm PhD Student 713-743-4580 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375M
Arunachalam Narayanan Assistant Professor 713-743-4735 Decision & Information Sciences MH 260E
Edward Nathan Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4827 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370C
Jessica Robertson Navarro Executive Director of Communications 713-743-4348 Dean's Office MH 320G
Michael Neel Assistant Professor 713-743-4092 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390K
Anne Ness Director of Alumni Relations 713-743-4704 Dean's Office MH 330F
Kaye Newberry Professor - Chair of Accountancy & Taxation 713-743-0849 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370D
Michael Ray Newman Clinical Professor - Director of Accounting Programs 713-743-4857 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370G
Marian Newman MBA Academic Advisor (Core) 713-743-4909 Graduate & Professional Programs CBB 424P
Maria Ng PhD Student 713-743-4579 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385N
Khanh Nguyen Financial Analyst 713-743-4616 Dean's Office MH 340C
Andrew Nguyen Financial Assistant 2 713-743-8577 Dean's Office MH 340E
Molly Niemczyk Academic Advisor 2 713-743-5907 Accountancy & Taxation CBB 304D
Melissa Luna Niles College Business Administrator 713-743-4639 Dean's Office MH 350C
Victor Nogueira 713-743-4577 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375L
Thomas Noland Professor 713-743-4819 Accountancy & Taxation MH 380C
Jaime Noriega Lecturer 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385
Laura Nowicki Lecturer 713-743-4820 Accountancy & Taxation MH 360K
Onyi Nwafor PhD Student 713-743-6684 Decision & Information Sciences MH 280K