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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Leanne Atwater Professor 713-743-6884 Management MH 315L
Klavdia Ballard PhD Student 713-743-4663 Management MH 310K
Roger Blakeney Associate Professor 713-743-4803 Management MH 325G
Dennis Bozeman Associate Professor 713-743-4656 Management MH 310D
Laura B. Cardinal Professor 713-743-2559 Management MH 325E
Barbara Carlin Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4661 Management MH 315A
Sonetria (Sonnie) Curry Office Coordinator 713-743-4650 Management MH 315
Richard DeFrank Associate Professor 713-743-4678 Management MH 310G
Robert Eisenberger Professor 302-353-8151 Management 126 Heyne Bldg
Teri Elkins Longacre Associate Professor - Interim Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Student Success 713-743-4669 Management 350G
Abigail Hubbard Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4654 Management 325F
Phillip Jolly PhD Student 713-743-4682 Management 310L
Min Kyu Joo PhD Student 713-743-4680 Management 310B
Robert T. Keller Professor - Baker Hughes Professor of Business Administration 713-743-4676 Management 310C
Myungsun Kim PhD Student 713-743-4682 Management 310L
Kyoung Yong Kim PhD Student 713-743-4682 Management 310L
Ksenia Krylova PhD Student 713-743-4663 Management 310K
Zahir Latheef PhD student 713-743-4663 Management 310K
Calyon Lewis Department Business Administrator 713-743-4670 Management 315B
Mengge Li PhD Student 713-743-4680 Management 310B
Connor Lubojacky 713-743-4682 Management
Tiffany Maldonado PhD Student 713-743-4682 Management 310L
Rob Austin McKee PhD Student/Research Assistant 713-743-4657 Management 310A
Chet Miller Professor 713-743-2601 Management 325F Melcher Hall
Cyrus Parks PhD Student/Research Assistant 979-248-1345 Management MH 310B
James Phillips Professor - Department Chairperson 713-743-4660 Management 315F Melcher Hall
Joseph Pratt Professor 713-743-4659 Management 302K UCBB
Dale Rude Associate Professor 713-743-4673 Management 310J
Ashley Salaiz PhD Student 713-743-4663 Management
Codou Samba PhD Student 713-743-4663 Management 310K
Marina Sebastijanovic Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4664 Management 315K
Andrew (Skip) Szilagyi Professor 713-743-4671 Management 325H
Pooya Tabesh Ph.D. Candidate 713-743-4657 Management 310A
Alexander Tawse PhD Student 713-743-4657 Management 310A
Candace TenBrink PhD Student 713-743-4680 Management 310B
Dusya Vera Associate Professor 713-743-4677 Management 310E
William Walker Clinical Assistant Professor 713-743-4668 Management 310N Melcher Hall
Naomi Werner Lecturer 713-743-4679 Management 315M
Steve Werner Professor 713-743-4672 Management 315G
John Williams Lecturer 713-743-4664 Management 402J UCBB
Alan Witt Professor 713-743-3253 Management 127 Heyne Bldg.
Jia Yu PhD Student 713-743-4680 Management 310B