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Name Position Phone Dept Email Room
Xiao Ma Assistant Professor 713-743-4725 Decision & Information Sciences 280H MH
Ming Ma PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance
Lorena Macias Pre-business Academic Advisor (N-Sc) 713-743-4918 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 262C
Saket Maheshwari Adjunct Faculty Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Anh Thu Thien Mai PhD Student 713-743-4755 Finance
Clifford Mangano Lecturer 713-743-4820 Accountancy & Taxation MH 360K
Edward Manouelian Academic Advisor for BBA Internal Audit/Oil & Gas Accounting Certificates and the Certificate in Accountancy Program (CAP) 713-743-5752 Accountancy & Taxation CBB 304G
Allan R. Marshall, M.Ed. Senior Director of Advancement 713-743-6846 External Relations MH 320
Melissa Marshall-Fox Marketing Director, Bauer Graduate Programs 713-743-4856 Graduate & Professional Programs CBB 406
Craig McAndrews Executive Professor 713-743-4559 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 375N
Kelly McCormick Professor of Practice 832-842-4175 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 528F
John McKeever Lecturer 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385
Liz McLemore Assessment Coordinator 713-743-4868 Dean's Office MH 330E
Marie McMahon Program Manager 713-743-4557 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385A
Archer McWhorter Associate Professor 713-743-4719 Decision & Information Sciences MH 270B
Janet Meade Associate Professor 713-743-4841 Accountancy & Taxation MH 380G
Jacob Messinger Adjunct Professor 713-743-7523 Decision & Information Sciences MH 122
Carolyn Miles Professor of Practice 713-743-4859 Accountancy & Taxation MH 380H
Andra Olivia Miljanic Instructional Assistant Professor - Director of Global Studies 713-743-3669 Finance CBB 402B
Chet Miller Professor 713-743-2601 Management & Leadership MH 325E
Bradley Miller Professor of Practice 713-743-4991 Decision & Information Sciences Melcher 290-C
Darius Miller Office Assistant 2 713-743-4822 Accountancy & Taxation MH 370
Grace Moceri Lecturer 713-743-4555 Sales Excellence Institute MH 385
Brandon Moeller Web Developer 3 713-743-7220 Communications Office MH 330B
Robert Molina Microsystems Analyst 1 713-743-2521 Division of Technology MH 111
Marla Molony Web Developer 3 713-743-5790 Communications Office MH 330B
Linda Monita Office Coordinator 713-743-4610 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385
Phil Morabito Lecturer 713-743-4555 Marketing & Entrepreneurship MH 385
Brian Moreno Program Coordinator 2 713-743-5092 Office of Undergraduate Business Programs MH 228A
Charles Morgan Director of Information Technology 713-743-4867 Division of Technology MH 102
Amanda Moya Program Manager 713-743-4751 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 528B
Casey Mueller Marketing Manager 713-743-1196 Graduate & Professional Programs CBB 424
Jim Munchbach Professor 281-728-8691 Finance MH 220
Melissa Munoz Program Manager 713-743-4750 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 528A
Donna Murphy Lecturer 713-743-4357 Decision & Information Sciences MH 290A
Michael J. Murray Instructional Assistant Professor 713-743-4667 Decision & Information Sciences MH 260G
Neal Murthy Lecturer 713-743-4752 Wolff Center for Entrepreneurship CBB 402L
Monica Harper Muschalik Lecturer 713-376-5310 Marketing & Entrepreneurship
Volkan Muslu Associate Professor 713-743-4924 Accountancy & Taxation MH 390J