Yinliang (Ricky) Tan

Associate Professor - Area Coordinator in Supply Chain Management, Bauer Senior Fellow

Yinliang (Ricky) Tan


Yinliang (Ricky) Tan is on-leave during the academic year 2024-2025 from the University of Houston. Yinliang (Ricky) Tan (谭寅亮 in Chinese) is an Associate Professor in the C.T. Bauer College of Business at the University of Houston. He is also the Bauer Senior Fellow, Area Coordinator in Supply Chain Management, and Associate Director for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence Institute at Bauer College. He has also been a visiting scholar at the Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI). His CV is available to download here and his personal site can be accessed by the following link .

He received his Ph.D. in Operations Management and Information Systems from the University of Florida. His research is interdisciplinary and he is considered as a "boundary spanner" crossing the areas of operations management and information systems. His recent research interests include the blockchain technology, digital economy, management of technology, and supply chain management. His work has been published in journals including Management Science, MIS Quarterly, Information Systems Research, Production and Operations Management, Decision Sciences, Human Relations, and other premier academic journals. Currently, he is a Senior Editor at the Production and Operations Management, Department Editor at the Decision Science Journal, and Associate Editor at the Information & Management Journal. He is recognized as one of the 40 Most Outstanding Business Professors Under 40 worldwide by Poets & Quants. He has also received the Carol J. Latta Emerging Leadership Award for Outstanding Early Career Scholars by Decision Science Institute in 2019 and ISS Sandra A. Slaughter Early Career Award in 2022.

Ricky has rich teaching experience at undergraduate, graduate, executive, and Ph.D. levels. He has co-designed the curriculum of the Master of Business Analytics program at Tulane University and developed several courses highlighting the experiential learning in the program. His pedagogical research on active learning is also well cited. Based on his teaching performance, he has received several teaching recognitions including Dean's Excellence for Graduate Teaching Award at Tulane University.

Prior to joining Bauer College, Professor Tan has worked at the A.B. Freeman School of Business of Tulane University as an Assistant Professor (2015-2021), and got his confirmation as an Associate Professor with Tenure in 2021. During this time at Tulane University, he received Irving LaValle Early Career Professorship and served as the Executive Director for Goldring Institute of International Business, where he helped facilitating the global partnerships with universities, and industry for degree and non-degree programs, faculty and student exchanges, and research. He has also served on the Freeman School's Dean Search Committee.

Professor Tan is also an avid art lover and historical manuscript collector.

Selected Publications

  1. Sun, G., Kim, Y., Tan, Y., & Parker, G. (Equal Contribution) 2024. Dinner at Your Doorstep: Service Innovation Through the Gig Economy in Food Delivery Platforms. Information Systems Research. Forthcoming.
  2. Tan, Y. (Solo-authored) 2024. Implications of Blockchain-Powered Marketplace of Pre-Owned Virtual Goods. Production and Operations Management. Forthcoming.
  3. Xu, A., Tan, Y., & He, Q. (Equal Contribution) 2024. Information Transparency with Targeting Technology for Online Service Operations Platform. Production and Operations Management. Forthcoming.
  4. Wei, F., Tan, Y., Zhao, H. & Gao, H. 2024. When Investors Meet Consumers: When Investors Meet Consumers: The Interaction of Different Backers in Crowdfunding Markets. Decision Sciences Journal. Forthcoming.
  5. Cheng, S., Lin, P., Tan, Y., & Zhang, Y. (Equal Contribution) 2023. High Innovators? Marijuana Legalization and Regional Innovation. Production and Operations Management. 32(3) 685-703. Download
  6. Gao, Y., Liu, S., Shen, B., & Tan, Y. (Equal Contribution) 2023. Social Pricing of Luxury Products in a Distribution Channel. Production and Operations Management. Forthcoming.
  7. Gao, Y., Johnson, N., Shen, B., & Tan, Y. (Equal Contribution) 2023. Benefits of Sourcing Alternative Inputs of Manufacturers for Suppliers. Production and Operations Management. 32 (6) 1880-1894. Download
  8. Gao, H., Kumar, S., Tan, Y., & Zhao, H. (Equal Contribution) 2022. Socialize More, Pay Less: Randomized Field Experiments on Social Pricing Information Systems Research. Forthcoming. Download
  9. Sun, S., Burke, M., Chen, H., Tan, Y., & Zhang, J. 2022. Mitigating the Psychologically Detrimental Effects of Supervisor Undermining: Joint Effects Of Voice And Political Skill. Human Relations. 27(4) 605-623. Download
  10. Tan, Y., Xiong Y., Gao, H., Li, X., & Zhao, H. 2021. Less is More? The Strategic Role of Retailer's Capacity. Production and Operations Management. 30(10) 3354-3368. Download
  11. Kumar, S. Tan, Y., & Wei, L. 2020. (Equal Contribution) When to Play Your Advertisement? Optimal Insertion Policy of Behavioral Advertisement. Information Systems Research. 31(2) 589-606 Download
  12. He, H., Parker, G., Tan, Y., Xu, H. (Equal Contribution) 2020. Altruism or Shrewd Business? Implications of Technology Openness on Innovations and Competition. MIS Quarterly. 44(3) 1049-1071 Download
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Research Interests

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Digital Economy
  • New business models
  • Interface between Operations Management and Information Systems
  • Supply chain Management

Academic Associations & Editorial Boards

  • Department Editor, Decision Science Journal
  • Senior Editor, Production and Operations Management
  • Associate Editor, Information and Management Journal
  • Guest Co-editor, Production and Operations Management, Special Issue on "New Business Models and Operations Innovation"
  • Guest Associate Editor, MIS Quarterly, Special Issue on "Digital Technologies and Social Justice"
  • Guest Associate Editor, Decision Support Systems, Special Issue on "Blockchain Technology and Applications"
  • Editorial Review Board, Information Sciences Research, and Management and Business Review

Contact Info

MH 260E
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  • BZAN 6350 Quantitative Foundations for Business Analytics
  • MIS 7397 Visual Analytics
  • SCM 8397 Analytical Modeling in Operations Management


Ph.D. in Operations Management and Information Systems, University of Florida
M.S. in Industrial Engineering, University of Florida
B.E. Logistics Engineering, Tongji University