Martin Kramer

Assistant Professor

Martin Kramer


Martin's area of expertise centers on the implementation of effective strategies for motivating and leading sales teams. He conducts research on the utilization of both monetary and non-monetary incentives to motivate sales personnel to effectively engage with customers and collaborate in creating value within complex sales contexts. Furthermore, he investigates the impact of current trends on the evolution of the sales profession and the associated competencies required. Martin holds a Doctorate in Marketing as well as a Master's degree and Bachelor's degree in Management and Economics from the University of Bochum, Germany. He has won the American Marketing Association (AMA) Organizational Frontlines Young Scholar Research Competition as well as the IMU Research for Practice Award given for a doctoral dissertation that addresses marketing issues highly relevant to practitioners.

Research Interests

  • Sales Force Effectiveness
  • Incentives and Motivation
  • Servitization and Solution Selling
  • Organizational Frontlines


  • Krämer, Martin, Christina Desernot, Sascha Alavi, Christian Schmitz, Felix Brüggemann, Jan Wieseke (2022), "The Role of Salespeople in Industrial Servitization: How to Manage Diminishing Profit Returns from Salespeople's Increasing Industrial Service Shares," International Journal of Research in Marketing, 39 (4), 1235-1252.

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MH 375F
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  • MARK3336 - Introduction to Marketing