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Amy Sun


Dr. Sun joined the C. T. Bauer College of Business in 2013. Before joining the Bauer College of Business, Dr. Sun was an Assistant Professor of Accounting at the Smeal College of Business, Pennsylvania State University.

Selected Publications

  • The Effects of the Extant Clauses Limiting Auditor Liability on Audit Fees and Overall Reporting Quality (2019), Journal of Empirical Legal Studies, 16: 381-410 ( with H. Louis, T. Pearson, D. Robinson, and M. Robinson).
  • Abnormal Accruals and Managerial Intent: Evidence from the Timing of Merger Announcements and Completions (2016), Contemporary Accounting Research, 33: 1101-1135 (with H. Louis).
  • Voluntary Disclosure and Information Asymmetry: Evidence from the 2005 Securities Offering Reform. Journal of Accounting Research (2013), 51:1299-1345 (with N. Shroff, H. White, and W. Zhang).
  • Do analysts sacrifice forecast accuracy for informativeness? Management Science (2013), 59: 1688-1708 (with H. Louis and O. Urcan).
  • Long-term growth in housing prices and stock returns. Real Estate Economics (2013), 41: 663-708 (with H. Louis).
  • Value of cash holdings and accounting conservatism. Contemporary Accounting Research(2012), 29: 1249-1274 (with H. Louis and O. Urcan)
  • Earnings management and the post-earnings announcement drift. Financial Management (2011), 40: 591-621 (with H. Louis).
  • Investor inattention and the market reaction to merger announcements. Management Science (2010), 56: 1781-1793 (with H. Louis).
  • Insider trading after repurchase tender offer announcements: Timing versus informed trading. Financial Management (2010), 39: 301-322 (with H. Louis, and H. White).
  • Earnings management and firm performance following open-market repurchases. Journal of Finance (2008), 63: 947-986 (with G. Gong, and H. Louis).
  • Earnings management, lawsuits, and stock-for-stock acquirers' market performance. Journal of Accounting and Economics (2008), 46: 62-77 (with G. Gong, and H. Louis).
  • Dividend changes and the persistence of past earnings changes. Journal of Finance (2004), 59: 2093-2116 (with A. Koch).

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