Supply Chain Management

SCM 4311

Project Management

Course Purpose

Exploration of large-scale and complex one-time ventures using the PMBOK model. This course exposes students to the project management process, including quantitative and practical management analysis.

This course is broadly applicable in a variety of business settings from constructing a major business expansion or launching a new product and managing the teams that support these large-scale endeavors. Examples from our Bauer Supply Chain Alumni experiences enhance the learning obtained in this course.

Photo for SCM 4311 Project Management Photo for SCM 4311 Project Management

Expected Learning Objectives

Selection of Topics Covered:

  • Organizational design
  • Work breakdown structure
  • Network analysis
  • Cost and schedule control
  • Concurrent Engineering
  • Software applications

Course Pedagogy and Immersive/ Experiential Activities

The primary experiential component to the course is a case analysis for supporting an oil refinery expansion project. While the project was initiated when oil was priced at over $100/barrel, with the current prices of oil, the executive management team wants to determine whether to continue pursuing the project or how to redefine the project for it to be financially viable.

Students are provided with course notes, textbook resources and lectures.

Grades are typically determined by a major case report and exam.