Supply Chain Management

FINA 4371

Energy Value Chain

Course Purpose

Students will explore the nature of energy assets, operations, and the products produced by the energy value chain as well as the economics of each component of the energy value chain. This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of energy value chains, from energy production to energy use, including an understanding of the role of different forms of energy, market structures, investment dynamics and the evolving nature of the energy system. The course will cover oil and gas, electric power and renewable energy, including consideration of broader issues affecting energy such as the economic environment, climate change, and sustainability.

Photo for FINA 4371 Energy Value Chain Photo for FINA 4371 Energy Value Chain

Expected Learning Objectives

Upon successfully completing this course, students will:

  • Understand the current US and global energy market structure and its component value chains
  • Understand how and why the energy value chains have evolved in the past, how and why they are likely to evolve in the future
  • Understand the relationships between energy value chains and broader economic, policy, sustainability and societal trends
  • Develop the ability to read, discuss, understand, analyse and present in written and verbal material issues affecting energy value chains and markets

Selection of Topics Covered:

  • Critical concepts of energy and energy value chains
  • Key drivers of the global energy system
  • Energy markets supply and demand structure
  • Climate, sustainability, environmental issues, social issues, governance issues
  • Electric power and renewable energy
  • Oil and gas, Natural Gas and Coal energy
  • Fuels transportation and the future of mobility

Course Pedagogy and Immersive/ Experiential Activities

Students are provided with a series of industry case studies, lectures, and discussions.

Grades are based on a combination of in-class quizzes, assigned case studies, an individual student research paper, and a team presentation project.