UH Marketing Doctoral Symposium

The purpose of the UH Doctoral Symposium is to provide doctoral students in marketing from different universities an opportunity to discuss their current research with a group of peers prior to facing the challenges of academic life. It also provides them with an arena to meet with students and faculty from other universities and to develop professional relationships with them.

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37th Annual Symposium

Meet and Greet

UH Marketing 37th Annual Symposium

UH Marketing 37th Annual Symposium

UH Marketing 37th Annual Symposium

Welcoming Remarks

Professor Ed Blair - University of Houston

UH Marketing 37th Annual Symposium

Introduction of the Keynote Speaker

Professor Ye Hu - University of Houston

UH Marketing 37th Annual Symposium

Keynote Address
“Detecting Cupid's Vector: Universals and Deal-Breakers in Mate Choice via Online Dating Activity Data”

Professor Fred Feinberg - University of Michigan

UH Marketing 37th Annual Symposium

Session I – Consumer Behavior
Chair: Professor Melanie Rudd

“The Psychology of Fun: An Inquiry into Consumers' Fun Experiences”
By Travis Tae Oh, Columbia University

UH Marketing 37th Annual Symposium

“How Mentally Traveling from the Future to the Present Affects Thoughts and Behavior”
By Kate Christensen, UCLA

“Remember Me Not: Personalization as Identity Threat”
By John Yi, University of Arizona

Session II – Consumer Behavior
Chair: Professor Vanessa Patrick

“Why More (vs. Less) Skill-Based Activities Make Consumers Happier, yet They Don't Choose Them”
By Maxwell Alberhasky, University of Texas at Austin

“Threshold Escalation in Product Lineups”
By Sang Kyu Park, University of Florida

Session III – Modeling & Strategy
Chair: Professor Jim Hess

“Managing Positive and Negative Trends in Sales Call Outcomes: The Role of Momentum”
By Irene Nahm, University of Houston

“Designed for Growth: The Interplay between Design Capability, Market Maturity, and Competitive Intensity”
By Saeed Janani, Arizona State University

“Internet Access Investment: A Double-Edged Sword for K-12 Education?”
By Yixing Chen, Texas A&M University

Session IV – Consumer Behavior
Chair: Professor Shijie Lu

“When The Data Are Out: Assessing Behavioral Changes Following a Data Breach”
By Dana Turjeman, University of Michigan

“Understanding the Role of Choice Sets in Discrete-Continuous Models”
By SriHarsha Kamatham, University of Texas at Dallas

“Do the similarity patterns among crowdfunding projects help design a new project?”
By Jihoon Hong, University of Southern California