Program of Study

In order to prepare our students for research-oriented careers, we require our students take courses in economics, finance, statistics, and academic communication. The course plan below is the default plan and can be tailored to each student’s career path based on discussions with the student’s faculty advisor and PhD coordinators. Please visit descriptions of these courses.

Year 1

Fall ACCT 8331 Research Paradigms in Accounting
ECON 7341 Microeconomic Theory I
ECON 7330 Statistical Methods
Spring ACCT 8397 Doctoral Seminar in Capital Markets Research
ECON 7342 Microeconomic Theory II
ECON 7331 Econometrics I
End of May Qualifying Examination (Presentation of first year paper).
Summer ACCT 3367 Intermediate Financial Accounting

Year 2

Fall ACCT 8333 Doctoral Seminar in Capital Markets Research
FINA 8339 Financial Management II (Corporate Finance)
Spring ACCT 8397 Selected Topics in Accounting (Disclosure Theory)
FINA 8373 Empirical Methods: Quantitative Methods in Finance
End of May Comprehensive Examination
Summer Optional Master's Level Accounting Course

Year 3, 4, and 5

Optional Courses and Dissertation Studies