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See also: Detailed admission information

What documents do I need in order to apply to CAP?

You will need to submit an online Apply Texas application, a $75 admission fee (domestic) or a $90 admission fee (international) and official transcripts from all higher-education institutions attended.

There are additional requirements for international Students. Please email for more information regarding these requirements.

Can I hand deliver my transcripts?

Yes, you may hand deliver your transcripts to the Office of Admissions located in the Welcome Center. Hand-delivered domestic transcripts must be in an officially sealed envelope from the registrar; otherwise, the university will not consider the transcripts official and your application status will remain incomplete.

Do I need to submit GMAT scores, letters of recommendation and a goal statement for my application to CAP?

No. These documents are not required for admission into CAP.


See also: CAP advising

How long is the program?

The length of the program is based on the educational needs of each individual student. If the intent is to sit for the Texas State Board of Public Accountancy (TSBPA) Uniformed CPA Examination, the length may depend on how many hours are needed to fulfill TSBPA educational requirements.

Do I need to have Principles of Accounting 1 and 2 before applying to CAP?

No, you may take Principles of Accounting 1 (Financial) in your first semester as a CAP student and Principles of Accounting 2 (Managerial) in the next semester after the completion of the prerequisite - Principles of Accounting 1. These two courses are only offered during the day.

May I take both Principles of Accounting courses simultaneously?

For only these two accounting principle courses, decisions to permit an exception to the prerequisite rule are case by case. Please schedule an advising session with the CAP advisor. For other CAP courses, the prerequisites must be met before enrolling in a course - no exceptions. Prerequisites are set for the benefit of the student.

What if I have taken some advanced accounting and business courses at another institution a long time ago. Do I need to retake these courses?

If your goal is to sit for the CPA exam without earning a graduate degree in Accountancy, most likely, you will not need to retake the courses. Typically, TSBPA does not have a time limit on the age of courses. Please check with them to identify the needed courses by submitting the TSBPA's Application of Intent for the CPA Examination. They will verify what courses are approved from your previous institution. Once you know what has been approved, please schedule an advising appointment with the CAP Advisor. The CAP Advisor will help you schedule the needed courses from the University of Houston’s list of approved courses.

If your goal is to complete the prerequisites for Master of Science in Accountancy program (MSACCY), please schedule an advising session with the CAP advisor.

Can I transfer courses to CAP from another institution?

CAP is a non-degree seeking certificate program; therefore, you cannot transfer courses into the program.

However, the prerequisites for CAP courses completed at another institution may be considered valid upon department evaluation.


See also: CAP advising

I am not sure if I want to apply to graduate school. Can I start CAP and if decided, later apply to the Master of Science in Accountancy Program?

Yes. If you are unsure about applying to the graduate program, only take the prerequisite courses for MSACCY. Until your decision is made, postpone taking courses that are required by the MSACCY. The CAP advisor will assist you with course selection.

Can I take all of the 18 hours of prerequisites for Master of Science in Accountancy program in one semester through CAP?

No. Some of the accounting foundation courses have prerequisites, and you will need to complete the prerequisite courses first. For example, Financial Statement Auditing requires the completion of Intermediate Accounting 1 AND Accounting Information Systems.

International Students
If I am an International Student, can I obtain Optional Practical Training (OPT) after I complete CAP?

Yes, CAP students are able to obtain OPT. Please see ISSSO in order to begin the OPT application process.