Below are the estimated tuition and fees for CAP. Please remember that costs vary depending on the number of hours taken per semester and the status of the student.


  • 3 hours per semester: $2,430
  • 6 hours per semester: $4,340
  • 9 hours per semester: $6,250


  • 3 hours per semester: $3,990
  • 6 hours per semester: $7,460
  • 9 hours per semester: $10,930

International Students

  • 3 hours per semester: $4,090*
  • 9 hours per semester: $11,030*
  • 12 hours per semester: $14,500*

*For international students, medical insurance or proof of acceptable insurance is also required.

A $650 CAP fee is assessed on all 5000-level courses to offset the fact that CAP, as a non-degree seeking program, is not funded by the State of Texas. This fee is included in the estimates listed above.

These costs are based on Fiscal Year 2024, which includes the Fall 2023, Spring 2024 and Summer 2024 semesters. The cost per credit hour for residents is $420.57 and non-residents is $940.57.

Program costs are subject to change without prior notice. Complete estimated cost breakdown information is available upon request.

Financial Aid

Students in certificate programs do not qualify for financial aid unless they are taking specific classes in preparation for the Master of Science in Accountancy Program, in which case funding is limited to a 12-month period. Such financial aid only covers undergraduate tuition and fees, but not the additional CAP fee.


The Department of Accountancy & Taxation Scholarship Application is also available for students who meet the requirements to apply. Students who are enrolled in CAP must have a cumulative GPA of 3.5 and have at least 9 hours of CAP accounting courses completed.

The application is available at the start of each academic year (i.e. fall) and submitted application data is archived at the end of the academic year (i.e. summer).