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UH Bauer faculty are among the most highly productive faculty of any business school in the world, publishing numerous articles in leading academic journals and books as well as holding editorial board positions. Following is a listing of recent journal publications by our faculty.

This page is updated regularly throughout the year.

  • 2023 Publications
    • Chen, J.Z., Elemes, A. and Lobo, G.J., 2023. David versus goliath: the relation between auditor size and audit quality for UK private firms. European Accounting Review32(2), pp.447-480.
    • Desai, H., Lam, P., Li, B. and Rajgopal, S., 2023. An Analysis of Carbon-Reduction Pledges of US Oil and Gas Companies. Management Science69(6), pp.3748-3758.
    • Gamble, G.O. and Tollerson, C. D. (deceased) 2023. The formulation of financial statements: A proposal for change. Accounting Horizons, 37(4): 1-15.
    • Hossain, M., Lobo, G.J. and Mitra, S., 2023. Firm-level political risk and corporate tax avoidance. Review of Quantitative Finance and Accounting60(1), pp.295-327.
    • Koo, M. and Muslu, V., 2023. Fund Flows and Asset Valuations of Bond Mutual Funds: Effect of Side-by-Side Management. Journal of Banking & Finance154, p.106961.
    • Lobo, G.J., Xie, K. and Yan, C.J., 2023. Signaling Under Threat: Evidence of Voluntary Disclosure in Contested Takeovers. Journal of Accounting, Auditing & Finance38(1), pp.3-28.
    • Meade, J.A., and Parthasarathy, K., 2023. Do multiple learner interactions improve learning for accounting students having differing academic achievement and demographics? Business Education Innovation Journal, 15(1):98-106.