Department of Accountancy & Taxation

MSACCY Mentor Program

The MSACCY Mentor Program gives first semester students the opportunity to have a "go to" Bauer accounting professor to assist with the transition into graduate school. The program is designed to help participating students better prepare for their MSACCY graduate career and future professional career.

Students participating in the mentor program will develop lasting connections with their faculty mentor, who will serve as a support system and source of encouragement to strengthen the student's potential and performance in the MSACCY program. The program will also allow students to network and gain insight into the MSACCY program that could positively impact their educational success.

Students will be paired with a Bauer accounting professor based upon their chosen certificate track. Students unsure of their track or don't intend to pursue a track will be paired with a professor familiar with the various areas of accounting.



All incoming MSACCY students are encouraged to participate in the MSACCY Mentor Program. The mentor program will begin every long semester (Spring and Fall). To be a mentee in the program, students must:

  • Be enrolled in their first semester of the MSACCY program (summer admits will be assigned a mentor for the fall term)
  • Attend MSACCY Tips for Academic Success Event