Department of Accountancy & Taxation

Oil & Gas Certificate

Certificate Requirements
Degree Plan


In order to qualify for the OG, students must complete:

Course Course Title
ACCT 4378 Oil & Gas Accounting 1
ACCT 4381* Oil & Gas Accounting 2
ACCT 4382* Oil & Gas Accounting 3
ACCT 4107 Oil & Gas Colloquium (fall offering only)

* These courses require ACCT 4378 as a prerequisite.

In order to receive the OG students must:
  1. Complete three (3) required courses and one (1) colloquium listed specifically for the certificate. Courses cannot be substituted for the required list.
  2. Earn a minimum letter grade of “B” for each course, and a letter grade of “S” (satisfactory) for the colloquium.
  3. Earn a minimum of a 3.0 cumulative and accounting GPA .
Certificate Eligibility

Only BBA Accounting students are eligible to earn this certificate. This certificate will not be awarded to non-accounting majors.

Colloquium Eligibility

In the Oil & Gas Colloquium, students attend presentations by representatives from Big‐Four, Mid‐Market, and Industry firms. The colloquium provides students with the opportunity to learn about the companies and develop relationships with representatives who provide internships and hire students with oil & gas expertise. Students must have a 3.0 cumulative and accounting GPA in order to take the colloquium. ACCT 4378 is a co‐requisite or prerequisite for the O&G Colloquium.

Certificate Requests

Certificates are awarded once grades are posted for the final semester of the BBA degree and the certificate requirements are verified. Certificates will be mailed 4-8 weeks after degree is posted.

Accounting Certificate Request Form