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Oil & Gas (O&G) Certificate

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About the Certificate

Oil & Gas Program

The Oil & Gas Certificate (O&G) delivers the tools and cross-functional expertise to prepare our students for positions in the Oil & Gas industry. A three-course certificate in the area of Oil & Gas/Energy accounting was developed through a joint effort with Oil & Gas/Energy (upstream, midstream, downstream and other energy) companies, CPA firms, and other affected stakeholders in 2009. Only a few schools offer a course in Oil & Gas Accounting and none offer anything like this certificate. Houston Oil & Gas/Energy companies and large CPA firms are excited about this Certificate and will be looking to recruit students who have obtained this certificate.

Networking opportunities

Throughout the fall semester, representatives from accounting and industry firms will host a one-semester-hour colloquium course for our students. The colloquium is intended to help students learn about the companies, network with the representatives, and learn what it means to be an accountant in the Oil & Gas/Energy industries. Many of these companies will offer internships designed to prepare students for a career in Oil & Gas/Energy accounting and provide them with invaluable exposure to practical experiences in the accounting profession.

“Recruiting strategies and the ability to retain employees in oil and gas companies is more important now than ever. With growing demand for energy, companies need greater production and a larger workforce”. – PricewaterhouseCoopers