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Employer Network

The Employer Network of the Internal Audit Program plays an advisory role, interacting frequently on campus with students and faculty.


Elizabeth Epler, Partner

"Really have a chance to get in there and help companies. We want to help companies do better."

Berkeley Research Group, LLC

Norman Comstock, Managing Director

"Read a lot. Interview, ask questions. So that you can find your passion."


Robert Brant, Partner

"They’re ready to go out into the field and they bring a lot of energy and a lot of practical experience from the classroom."

McConnell Jones Lanier & Murphy LLP

Odysseus Lanier, Partner

"You're working with the upper levels of the executive leadership."


Dan Ramey, Director - Risk Advisory Services

"You work with the top levels of management, you see the entire company."

Rand Group

Eric Khan, VP and CFO

"A number of us are Bauer alumni. We aim high and we never fail."

The Strategic CFO

Jim Wilkinson, President and Founder

"Through internal audit, you end up dealing and seeing more of the operations of the business."


William Newman, VP of Finance

"You get to meet a lot of people, you get to see the whole operation."

"It's a very good beginning start to an accounting career."


Alyssa Martin, Advisory Partner

"We can have new hires come in and people start their career in that path versus add to that path later."


Mike Stein, Partner - Advisory Services

"The endorsed internal audit program gives them a good foundation to start their career in internal audit."