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Xiao Ma considers himself as part of the MIS and BZAN groups of the faculty, and is growing to be a "boundary spanner" crossing the areas of operations and supply chain management. He graduated with a Ph.D. in Business from the University of Wisconsin-Madison, concentrating on Information Systems and Management. Xiao's previous and recent research focuses on identifying problematic online gambling behavior and proper interventions, behavior analytics in online labor and knowledge communities, economics of IS, and methodological issues in IS research, etc. His latest research focuses on healthcare analytics, natural experiments by which to reveal theoretical and managerial implications of digital system design change, and artificial intelligence and deep-learning algorithms, exploring how the advanced computational methods can benefit research in business analytics both theoretically and managerially. His research has appeared in premier information systems journals, including Information Systems Research, Journal of Management Information Systems, Decision Sciences, and Journal of the Association for Information Systems.

Xiao received the Lucile and Leroy Melcher Excellence in Research Award, and the Dr. Ben Ostrofsky Research Award in Outstanding MIS Research from the Bauer College of Business, University of Houston, in 2020.

Research Interests

  • Quantitative research
  • Behavior analytics
  • Healthcare analytics
  • Economics of IS
  • Online gambling behavior and proper interventions
  • Online communities and digital labor market
  • Emerging phenomena & theory development in IS
  • Natural experiments, digital system design change
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning
  • Novel feature extraction using deep-learning algorithms
  • Methodological issues in IS research

Areas of Expertise

  • Behavior analytics
  • Online gambling behavior and management
  • Disruptive IT programs for overcoming online gambling addiction
  • Online labor marketplaces
  • Online communities participation behavior
  • Knowledge sharing and contribution
  • Econometric modeling of panel data analysis
  • Theory development
  • Artificial intelligence
  • Machine learning in business problem-solving

Selected Publications

  • 7. Ma, X., Kuem, J., Hou, J., Khansa, L., and Zhu, Z. (2020). Are All Contributions Equal? Investigating the Role of Community Participation in Crowdwork. Decision Sciences, forthcoming in 2021.
  • 6. Hou, J.*, Kim, K.*, Kim, S.*, and Ma, X.* (2019). Disrupting Unwanted Habits in Online Gambling Through Information Technology. Journal of Management Information Systems, 36(4), 1213-1247. (*Authors contributed equally)
  • 5. Ma, X., Khansa, L., and Kim, S.S. (2018). Active Community Participation and Crowdworking Turnover: A Longitudinal Model and Empirical Test of Three Mechanisms. Journal of Management Information Systems, 35(4), 1154-1187.
  • 4. Kwak, D., Ma, X., Polites, G., Srite, M., Hightower, R., and Haseman, W. (2019). Cross-Level Moderation of Team Cohesion in Individuals' Utilitarian and Hedonic Information Processing: Evidence in the Context of Team-based Gamified Training. Journal of the Association for Information Systems, 20(2), 161-185.
  • 3. Khansa, L., Ma, X., Liginlal, D., and Kim, S.S. (2015). Understanding Members' Active Participation in Online Question-and-Answer Communities: A Theory and Empirical Analysis. Journal of Management Information Systems, 32(2), 162-203.
  • 2. Ma, X., Kim, S.H., and Kim, S.S. (2014). Online Gambling Behavior: The Impacts of Cumulative Outcomes, Recent Outcomes, and Prior Use. Information Systems Research, 25(3), 511-527.
  • 1. Ma, X., Khansa, L., Deng, Y., and Kim, S.S. (2014). Impact of Prior Reviews on the Subsequent Review Process in Reputation Systems. Journal of Management Information Systems, 30(3), 279-310.

Working Papers

  • On Review Quality and Leveraging Online Social Norms. Under review at a premier MIS journal
  • Understanding Social Desirability Bias in MIS Research. Under review at a premier decision sciences journal
  • Academic Associations & Editorial Boards

    • Journal of Management Information Systems (Editorial Board)

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    • MIS 839x - Ph.D. Research Practicum
    • BZAN 6357 - Business Analysis Frameworks and Methods
    • BZAN 6355 - Advanced Programming for Big Data Analytics
    • MIS 7397 - Select Topics in MIS: Predictive Analytics (Business Intelligence)
    • BZAN 6357 - Business Analytics Frameworks and Methods


    Ph.D. Information Systems, University of Wisconsin-Madison
    M.A. Media Studies, Syracuse University
    B.A., Communications, Nanjing University (China)