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James Hess


James Hess holds a Ph.D. in Economics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology and an A.B. in Economics, B.S.E. Electrical Engineering, from Princeton University. Professor Hess was previously a faculty member at University of Illinois, North Carolina State University, and University of Southern California. He has been a Visiting Scholar at both MIT and the University of California-Berkeley, as well as Visiting Professor at Washington University at St. Louis, Claremont McKenna College/Claremont Graduate School and Koblenz School of Corporate Management.

Professor Hess was President of INFORMS's Society on Marketing Science from 2000-2002.

His teaching and research areas of interest focus on theoretical marketing models, pricing and sales promotion, multivariate statistics, direct marketing, and marketing research. One recent article in Marketing Science co-authored with UH alumnus Raj Echambadi is titled "Mean-Centering Does Not Alleviate Collinearity Problems in Moderated Multiple Regression Models." Another recent Marketing Science paper "That's What I Thought I Wanted? Miswanting and Regret for a Standard Good in a Mass Customized World" was co-authored by UH colleagues Niladri Syam and Partha Krishnamurthy. Other papers by Professor Hess have appeared in Marketing Science, Management Science, Journal of Marketing Research, American Economic Review, Journal of Business, Journal of Service Research, Journal of Direct Marketing, Quarterly Journal of Economics and Journal of Economic Theory.

Research Interests

  • Theoretical marketing models
  • Pricing and sales promotion
  • Multivariate Statistics
  • Customization
  • Sales Force Management


  • "Diagnosing Harmful Collinearity in Moderated Regressions: A Roadmap," P. Chennamaneni, R. Echambadi, J. Hess, N. Syam, forthcoming in International Journal of Research in Marketing, 2015.
  • "Can Sales Uncertainty Increase Firm Profits?" N. Syam, J. Hess, Y. Yang, forthcoming in Journal of Marketing Research, 2014.
  • "Thrill of Victory and Agony of Defeat: Emotional Rewards and Sales Force Compensation," J. Hess, N. Syam, and Y. Yang, Quantitative Marketing and Economics, December 2013, 11(4), 379-402.
  • "Bricks or Clicks? Consumer Attitudes Toward Traditional Stores and Online Stores," J. Kacen, J. Hess, and K. Chiang, Global Economics and Management Review, January-April 2013 18(1), 12-21.
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  • "Accounting Profits versus Marketing Profits: A Relevant Metric for Category Management," Y. Chen, J. Hess, R. Wilcox, and Z. J. Zhang, Marketing Science, Vol. 18, No. 3, 1999, 208-229.
  • "Yes, 'Bait and Switch' Really Benefits Consumers," J. Hess and E. Gerstner, Marketing Science, Vol. 17, No. 3, 1998, 283-289.


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  • Proceedings of the 14th Paul D. Converse Symposium, (J. Hess and K. Monroe, eds.), American Marketing Association, Chicago, 1998.
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Massachusetts Institute of Technology 1975
A.B. Economics
Princeton University 1971
B.S.E. Electrical Engineering
Princeton University 1971