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Sana (Shih-chi) Chiu

Assistant Professor

Sana (Shih-chi) Chiu


Sana (Shih-chi) Chiu is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Management & Leadership. She received her Ph.D. in Strategic Management (Minor: Research Methods/Statistics) from the University of Missouri-Columbia. She earned an M.A. in Telecom Management from Michigan State University and completed Executive Business Program in Board Governance from Harvard Business School.
Dr. Chiu's research focuses on the antecedents, processes, and outcomes of corporate restructuring and corporate sustainability (social/environmental/financial performance). She also studies the cognitive factors that guide strategic leaders' decision-making in relation to corporate strategic actions and outcomes. Her research has appeared in the Journal of Management, Academy of Management Annals, Leadership Quarterly, Journal of Applied Psychology, Journal of Business Ethics , and Journal of Management Studies, among others.

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Selected Publications

*Kong, D., *Chiu, S., & Christopoulos, G. (forthcoming) Face of morality: Powerful CEOs' facial characteristics and moral foundations. Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences.(*equal authorship).

Miller, C., Chiu, S., Wesley, C., Vera, D., & Avery, D. 2022. Cognitive diversity at the strategic apex: Assessing evidence on the value of different perspectives and ideas among senior leaders. Academy of Management Annals, 16: 806-852.

Chiu, S., Pathak, S. & Sabz, A. 2022. The impact of advisor status on corporate divestitures and market reactions. Journal of Business Research, 144: 107-121.

Chiu, S. & Sabz, A. 2022. Can corporate divestiture activities lead to better corporate social performance? Journal of Business Ethics, 179: 849-866.

Chiu S., Pathak, S., Hoskisson, R.E, & Johnson, R. A. 2022. Managerial commitment to the status quo and corporate divestiture: Can power motivate openness to change? The Leadership Quarterly, 33(3): 101459.

Li, A., Chiu, S., Kong, D., Cropanzano, R., & Ho, CW. 2021. How CEOs Respond to Mortality Salience during the COVID-19 Pandemic: Integrating Terror Management Theory with Regulatory Focus Theory. Journal of Applied Psychology, 106(8):1188-1201.

Walls, J., Salaiz, A., & Chiu, S. 2021. Wanted: Heroic leaders to drive the transition to 'business beyond usual.' Strategic Organization, 19(3): 494-512.

Salaiz, A., Chiu, S., & Walls, J. L. 2021. Sustainability agency at the top of the organization: Microfoundations research on corporate sustainability, in Teerikangas, S., Onkila, T., Koistinen, K., & Makela, M. Research Handbook of Sustainability Agency. London: Edward Elgar.

Pathak, S. & Chiu, S. (equal authorship) 2020. Firm-advisor ties and financial performance in the context of corporate divestiture. Journal of Business Research, 121: 315-328

Chiu, S. & Walls, J. 2019. Leadership change and corporate social performance: The context of financial distress makes all the difference. The Leadership Quarterly, 30(5): 1-13

Chiu, S. & Sharfman, M. 2018. Corporate social irresponsibility and executive succession: An empirical examination. Journal of Business Ethics, 149(3): 707-723.

Chiu, S., Johnson, R.A., Hoskisson, R., & Pathak, S. 2016. The impact of CEO succession and successor origin on the scale and scope of divestiture. The Leadership Quarterly, 27(4): 617-633. **Runner-up for the Best Paper Award

Chiu, S. & Sharfman, M. P. 2011. Legitimacy, visibility, and the antecedents of corporate social performance: An investigation of instrumental perspective. Journal of Management, 37 (6): 1558-1585. **Winner of Best Paper Award by International Association for Business and Society (IABS).

Chiu, S., Fan, W., & Chong, Y. 2013. Entrepreneurship in China's private sector: Guangxi's Elite Optical. Harvard Business Review Case Collection (English). Asian Business Case Centre (Chinese).

Johnson, R. A., Schnatterly, K., Johnson, S. & Chiu, S. 2010. Institutional investors and institutional environments: A comparative analysis. Journal of Management Studies, 47(2) 1590-1613.

Areas of Expertise

1. Corporate social responsibility, performance, and sustainability
2. Corporate strategic change and governance
3. Psychological/cognitive influence of strategic leaders (firm executives and corporate board members)

Academic Associations & Editorial Boards

  • Editorial Board, Journal of Business Research
  • Frontiers in Psychology (Special Issue Editor)
  • Academy of Management
  • Strategic Management Society
  • Alliance for Research on Corporate Sustainability (ARCS)
  • Responsible Research in Business and Management (RRBM)

Contact Info

MH 310H
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  • MANA4385 Introduction of Strategic Management
  • MANA4347 Ethics & Corporate Social Responsibility
  • MANA8380 Doctoral Seminar in Strategic Management


PhD. - University of Missouri-Columbia. Major in Strategic Management, Minor in Research Methods and Statistics
M.A.-Michigan State University. Major in Telecom/IT Management
Harvard Business School - Corporate Board Governance Executive Program