Nahid Hossain

PhD Student

Nahid Hossain

Research Interests

  • Knowledge, Tacit Knowing, & KM
  • Natural Language Processing
  • AI Ethics and Moral
  • E-Commerce
  • Philosophies of Science
  • Linguistics
  • Social Media

Areas of Expertise

  • Theory Building & Critical Analysis (MIS)
  • Theories in MIS
  • Statistical Modeling
  • Structural Equation Modelling (PLS)

Working Papers

  • How do we know what we claim we know? A systematic review of knowledge in IS
  • Is all tacit knowing inarticulable? A framework to transfer tacit knowing with different levels of tacitness
  • Can NLP successfully translate deeply ingrained tacit linguistic expertise?
  • How does Practical Wisdom make humans superior to AI in making moral judgments?
  • Using the theory of knowledge to explain the ground truth in AI
  • How do employee characteristics influence organizational learning? Insights from the theory of multiple intelligence
  • The influence of language differences on individuals' judgments. A study on online review
  • Activities & Interests

    • Data Science
    • Linguistics
    • Cognitive Psychology
    • Fishing
    • Cooking
    • Cricket

    Contact Info

    MH 284
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    • Database Management (SQL)
    • Information Systems Development Tools (Java)


    University of Houston- Ph.D. in MIS (Expected 2024)
    University of Tampa- MBA in Information Systems Management (2018)
    University of Dhaka- MBA in Human Resource Management (2016)
    University of Dhaka- BBA in Management (2015)