Curtis L Wesley

Assistant Professor

Curtis Wesley


Prior to his career in academia, Dr. Wesley worked at the Citigroup Citi Cards SBU as a marketing channel manager in private label credit cards, a program manager in the Credit Card Cross-Sell unit, and as a Director-Level Operations Manager in the Credit Card Collections Unit. Wesley began his professional career as a naval officer in the maritime patrol and reconnaissance aviation community and as a Diversity Admissions Officer for the United States Naval Academy. He is currently a senior officer in the Human Resources community of the U.S. Navy Reserve. Professor Wesley's research focuses on the governance of social ventures and traditional businesses. Ethical implications of executive malfeasance are of special interest to him, especially research on how and why executives manage businesses as stewards of the firm. Consequently, his work often focuses on the linkages between executive behaviors and organization outcomes. Dr. Wesley's research has been published in the Academy of Management Learning and Education, Business Ethics Quarterly, Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, the Journal of Management, and the Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal. He has twice earned the New York University Stern School Satter Conference on Social Entrepreneurs Best Paper Award (2009, 2014).

Research Interests

  • Strategy: corporate governance, ethics
  • Leadership: ethical leadership, human capital
  • Entrepreneurship: social entrepreneurship, sociology, venture capital

Areas of Expertise

  • Board of Directors
  • Executive Leadership
  • Business Ethics
  • Social Entrepreneurship


  • Saxton, T., Wesley C.L., Saxton M.K. (2016). Venture Advocate Behaviors and the Development of the Emerging Enterprise. Strategic Entrepreneurship Journal, 10: 107-125.
  • Ndofor, H.A., Wesley, C.L., Priem, R.L. (2015). Providing CEOs with Cheating Opportunities: The Effects of Complexity-based Information Asymmetries on Financial Reporting Fraud. Journal of Management, 41: 1774-1797. The subject of a research brief at the University of South Carolina Center for Executive Succession (January 15, 2016).
  • Wesley, C.L., Ndofor, H.A. (2013). "The Great Escape": The Unaddressed Ethical Issue of Investor Responsibility for Corporate Malfeasance. Business Ethics Quarterly, 3: 443-475. Subject of feature article (author: Christopher O'Malley) in the Banking and Finance section of the Indianapolis Business Journal, August 31, 2013.
  • Miller, T.L., Wesley, C.L., Williams, D.E. (2012). Educating the Minds of Caring Hearts: Comparing the Views of Practitioners and Educators on the Importance of Social Entrepreneurship Competencies. Academy of Management Learning and Education, 11: 349-370.
  • Miller, T.L., Wesley, C.L. (2010). Assessing Mission and Resources for Social Change: An Organizational Identity Perspective on Social Venture Capitalists' Decision Criteria. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 34: 705-733. Equal authorship. 6th Annual New York University Stern School Satter Conference on Social Entrepreneurs Best Paper Award, 2009.
  • Coombs, J.E., Gilley, K.M, Sirmon, D., Wesley, C.L. (2008). A Contingency Model of Social Corporate Performance in Family Firms (Interactive Paper). Frontiers of Entrepreneurship Research, 28: Article 7.

Academic Associations & Editorial Boards

  • Journal of Management (2011 to present)
  • Africa Journal of Management (2014 to present)

Contact Info

MH 325F
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  • Business Dynamics and Decision-Making (MANA 7A97)
  • Implementation of Strategy (MANA 7A80)
  • Strategic Analysis (MANA 6A83)


Ph.D. Management, Texas A&M University
MBA, University of Maryland
B.S. Political Science, United States Naval Academy