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Blake Ives


Blake Ives holds the C.T. Bauer Chair in Business Leadership in the C.T. Bauer School of Business at the University of Houston. Blake's research has been published in Sloan Management Review, IBM Systems Journal, Management Information Systems Quarterly, MISQ Executive, Journal of the Association for Information Systems, Management Science, Information Systems Research, Communications of the ACM, Decision Sciences, Academy of Management Executive, DataBase, Journal of MIS, Communications of the Association for Information Systems and so on. His publications include several of the most highly cited papers in the field of information systems, totaling over 22,000 citations. Among seven papers with over 1000 citations are works in information satisfaction, user involvement in information systems development, the customer service life cycle, virtual learning environments, IT and competitive advantage,and virtual teams.  

Blake is a past President of the Association for Information Systems and a Fellow and awardee of The LEO award for life time achievement. He previously served on the Board of Directors for the Society of Information Management International and has on three occasions won an award in that organization's best paper contest. He is a past Director of Research for the Society for Information Management's Advanced Practice Council (SIMAPC) and has held offices in both the Houston and Dallas chapters of SIM.  He is a past Associate Fellow at Templeton College, Oxford University. In addition to Fellowships at Harvard and Oxford, Blake was, in 1999-2000, the Schmidt visiting Distinguished Professor at Tulane University. He has also held visiting appointments at University College Dublin, London Business School, University of Georgia, and Queens University in Canada. He also served on the Board of Directors of St. Joseph's Academy, a high school for young women in Baton Rouge, La.

Blake has played a leadership role in the development of electronic infrastructure for the information systems academic discipline. This involvement includes founding MISQ Discovery and ISWorld Net, helping to establish the AIS's electronic journals (Communications of the AIS and Journal of the AIS) as well as playing a key role in establishing the ISWorld Discussion list that links some 3,000 information systems faculty and researchers from throughout the world. He also has played an advisory role in the development of the field's electronic faculty directory, the AIS eLibrary and the development of the online version of the Management Information Systems Quarterly. He has been recognized for "exceptional service in building a world wide IS academic community."

Blake is past editor-in-chief of MIS Quarterly, one of the field's most well respected journals. He is a current or past member of the editorial board of many journals and was the Senior Editor for the Americas for The Journal of Strategic Information Systems, a past Senior Editor for MISQ Executive and was on the editorial board of Communications of the Association for Computing Machinery (CACM). He currently serves on the Senior Editorial Board for the Association for Information Systems (AIS) publications and on several editorial boards. At AIS he also served as Vice President for Communication, President-Elect, and President.

Blake was selected as 2003 Educator of the Year by the Education Special Interest Group of the Association for Information Technology Professionals. He also is the first recipient of the Management Information System Quarterly's award for distinguished scholarship and has had held prestigious Fellowships at Harvard Business School and Templeton College, Oxford University.

Blake has consulted for many firms and is the author of numerous case studies on the use of information systems in organizations. He has designed and participated in a variety of executive management programs. He has fostered a number of innovations in education including one of the first case studies to be distributed over the World Wide Web [Digital Equipment Corporation: The Internet Company], a worldwide learning exercise [The Mondex Global Lesson], and a virtual doctoral seminar held with faculty and students from Harvard Business School, Indiana University, Louisiana State University, MIT, Minnesota, and the University of Texas.

Blake has long been involved in the International Conference on Information Systems, serving as conference co-chair for conferences in Dallas in 1992 and New Orleans in 2001, as Chair of the ICIS executive committee in 1993, and doctoral consortium chair for the first international consortium, held in Copenhagen in 1990.

Blake received his Ph.d. in Management Information Systems at the University of Minnesota and was a tenured member of faculty at Dartmouth College. 

Prior to joining the Houston faculty Blake was the Ourso Family Distinguished Professor of Information Systems and Director of the Center for Virtual Organization and Commerce at the E.J. Ourso College of Business Administration at Louisiana State University. He previously held the Constantine Distinguished Chair in Management Information Systems at Southern Methodist University and faculty director of the Executive MBA program.

Research Interests

  • Electronic Commerce
  • Virtual Organizations
  • Customer Service
  • The reengineering of management scholarship and education

Areas of Expertise

  • Electronic Commerce
  • Virtual Organizations
  • Customer Service
  • The reengineering of management scholarship and education


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