Program for Financial Empowerment

The Program for Finacial Empowerment (PFE) is an effort to promote the knowledge of personal finance across the university and the community. The initiative is bolstered by faculty support, alumni engagement and student leadership involvement, and mentorship. The learning goal for the program is to empower UH students, students in middle and high schools, and the community with more knowledge about personal finance, especially as it relates to attending college.


EXPLORE Financial Empowerment Institute

The Program for Financial Empowerment held a week‐long camp with local high school students from all over the state. Students had the opportunity to see what it’s like being a finance major is like for a week. They had interactive lectures and worked on their financial goals. If you would like to know more information about the program please look at Explore for more information.

Student Testimonials

“Thank you so much for your time in your organizing the Financial Empowerment program and ensuring we had an engaging experience. After seeing a snippet of what the Bauer College of Business, I’m incredibly interested in other ways I can get to know the University of Houston, or more specifically Bauer, better”

– Jacob N.

“This camp has been very educational and will forever remember the great professors that spoke”

– Bitanya D

Financial Empowerment Workshop

The program for Financial Empowerment is working with the Professional Financial Planning Students to empower the local community and the University with financial knowledge. They provide workshops on budgeting, wealth management and saving for financial goal. This is a great way to work with future professionals and helps provide our current college students with experiential learning.

If you are interested in having a workshop or want any additional information please reach us via or contact us.